The fireplace lounge to face the winter with a vengeance

Andrea Divirgilio / June 19, 2010

fire lounger 1
The fireplace lounge gets an entirely new meaning with these whimsical fireplace concepts “Bochka & Ploskij.” The designer has given a modern twist to the traditional fireplace and has drawn his inspiration from the healing properties of fire. “Our ancestors were sleeping above or on the top of the fireplaces, as it has a unique ability to heal.” Both fireplaces have a “lounge” area with traditional Russian feel. While the “Bochka” meaning “barile” is a central island element, meant for bigger spaces and designed to be the focal point of any room, the “Ploskij” adorns a streamlined feel meant for smaller spaces and can be attached to the wall.

fire lounger12
The “Ploskij,” or “piatto,” is embroidered with “hohloma,” traditional Russian decoration. Both fireplaces have been conceptualized after deep studies care of heat distribution.

In “bochka” the fire heats the side walls behind which is hidden a reservoir with water, and heats tubes above, that circulate hot water to the side walls of a fireplace first, and then on the way to the reservoir passes the lounge area, in that case it gives possibility to heat the space and keep warm the seating area that is integrated on the top.

While “ploskij” heats the cold air and distributes it between two layers of surfaces to outside, where is located the lounge. One of these is all you need to cocoon in the winter time.

Via: EF Design

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