The Indestructible Home

Andrea Divirgilio / September 10, 2006

the ultimate secure home
After the Bulletproof Toilet, here comes the Ultimate Secure Home, is made from a kind of patented steel-reinforced concrete which could withstand almost any biological or nuclear disaster! Located in the awesome San Juan mountains of Southwest Colorado, this home is equipped with a genuine Swiss-made Luwa nuclear, biological, chemical air filter that will effectively filter out all known bacteriological agents, all known viruses, and even radioactive fallout to protect its owner from any biological hazard, and even nuclear war.

The house covers 2472 square feet, with an additional 800 square feet in the attached 24′ x 36′ underground garage. The main floor of the house consists of a large living room, two bedrooms, two baths, a kitchen, pantry, and laundry closet. Upstairs features a loft and two bed rooms. The house currently has ten beds in seven different rooms. The safe room also has a bath with shower. A 22′ long x 6′ wide hallway leads to the garage. The earth home also scores in energy efficiency/heat retention. With no heat at all, the inside temperature will not drop below 50 degrees, even in extreme, prolonged winter conditions and for extra comfort, there is a Harmon wood/coal freestanding stove, along with a back-up propane heater.

The house features appliances specially manufactured for use in solar electric homes. The generator, water heater, kitchen range and oven, wall heater, and clothes dryer all use propane. The kitchen has a Sun Frost refrigerator/freezer, a Peerless propane range with “no-glow-bar” oven, and a Staber 2000 clothes washer, while the garage has a chest-style freezer. The in-destructive home is for sale for $495,000 that includes adjoining 4.3 acre boundary parcel too!

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