The jaw-dropping RK Racer to set streets on fire

Andrea Divirgilio / December 29, 2009

custom rk 6

If you take a lot of pride in mentioning that no bike can match the class of your bike…think again. Brought to you from the house of RK Concepts is this RK Racer that would keep your raging bike silent on the street, if confronted by this beast. Using a Buell 1200, the Racer gets its racing stance from a short 27-degree rake and from two 23″ wheels both dressed with tires from Vee Rubber in size 120/70R23. The bike looks like it’s made completely of metal on first sight, but it has gas and oil tanks made out of glass. This one of a kind bike is sure to drop jaws even on the West Coast.

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Via: Cyril Huze Blog/RK Concepts

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