The-Jet by Cirrus re-defines the meaning of personal jet in this jet age

Andrea Divirgilio / April 29, 2008

the jet Abegv 48
If you are used to zooming out of your garage on to the road in your sports car, then here is an equivalent option to soar up in the air from your hangar with The-Jet by Cirrus. And this one for sure not coming under the category of VLJs like Eclipse 500 and Cessna. The company maintains that it is has a category of its own. Now that’s truly creating a niche in style. Exclusively intended for personal use only, this jet is lighter and certainly cheaper then other lighter jets as it is powered by one engine only. It is a plane that you’d love to own. Thanks to its low operating range and its jet engine, it’s easy and fun to fly. Crafted out of composite materials, it can set seven people in all. It is designed such that the cockpit will have two seats, and the second row will have two seats as will the third row. An additional seat can be opted for in between the second and third row.

Featuring two doors, it also comes with a parachute located in its nose. The glass cockpit is undeniably unlike the regular analog cockpit. This agile and fast jet can take off in as less as 800 feet. Carrying a maximum weight of 5000 lbs, it can cruise swiftly at a speed of 300 knots.

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