The Johnny G Krankcycle by Matrix Fitness

Andrea Divirgilio / August 18, 2010

johnny g krankcycle

The Johnny G Krankcycle by Matrix Fitness is one of the newest fitness cycles, which delivers an amazing aerobic workout by focusing on the upper body as a way to build cardio fitness. The Krankcycle is a stationary hand cycle with independent crank arms that make for greater variety of movement. This unique fitness machine provides an effective cardiovascular workout, builds upper-body strength, tackles muscle imbalances and improves posture. The Krankcycle can be used either independently or in a group format in a sitting or a standing position.

The ergonomically designed saddle allows easy transition between seated and standing exercise positions. The Krankcycle’s crank and flywheel assembly rotates to accommodate forward and reverse movements. Offering an intuitive, fun-filled and effective fitness program, the Johnny G Krankcycle by Matrix is available at Bike-On for $2,300.

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