The limited Roadmaster boards are inspired by F1 racing

Andrea Divirgilio / December 15, 2010

roadmaster board
The limited Roadmaster series boasts F1 racecar engineering to bring the best of both worlds to get your adrenaline gushing. The limited edition skateboards are hand built by industrial designer and F1 composite technician Alex Luxat in Cologne, Germany. The boards use carbon prepreg, airex foamcore, ash, poplar and zebrano for a rock-solid deck that doesn’t get weak even when baking in the sun. The board is finished with zebrawood veneer inlay beneath a UV reflecting “surfclear” epoxy hotcoat that is wet sanded, clear painted and polished to a mirror finish for s luxurious design inspired by the classic Riva wooden sports boats. These beautiful wooden boards start at $825. And, in case you are interested, order one now, as the manufacturing of the Roadmaster series is dormant during summer as low humidity is key to proper bonding and a clean finish of the epoxy.

Via: DesignSpotter/WeFunk

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