The Most Expensive Auctioned Ferrari in the World

Alberto / September 1, 2013

Featured in the popular Hollywood movie “The Thomas Crown Affair”, the 1967 Ferrari 275 GTB/4 N.A.R.T Spyder is considered to be one of the  rarest cars in the world.  It has been proven time and again that it is one of those models which will always be in fashion and never acquire a stale air.

RM Motors; the world leader in the niche car collection industry, smashed each and every record in the book when it auctioned off the ultra-rare 1967 Ferrari for an astounding sum of $27,500,000. This incredible price makes the convertible the second most expensive car to be ever sold off at an auction. The price tag has managed to set a new world record since it is the costliest Ferrari ever to go under the hammer.

According to media reports the person who placed the successful bid is none other than Canadian entrepreneur Lawrence Stroll who apparently has helped to develop the designer Tommy Hilfiger clothing line since the early 90′s decade. The 53 year old Stroll has acquired the coveted billionaire tag ever since he and his Hong Kong based business partner acquired a stake in the fashion brand Michael Kors. The exorbitant sum of $27.5 million which the entrepreneur will pay for the Ferrari reportedly also represents the record breaking sales figure for any luxurious car at any auction conducted in the US. It has apparently even surpassed the previous record of $16.4 million that was set a couple of years back at the Pebble Beach auction of a 1957 model “Testa Rossa”.

According to media reports this stunning red Ferrari was originally purchased by an orphan turned millionaire Eddie Smith Sr., an avid Ferrari collector and Mac businessman from North Carolina. However it has been speculated that Steve McQueen was one of the few early owners of this car but unfortunately crashed it soon after the purchase. Eddie Smith used this car all throughout his life till his death approximately six years back. However after Smith’s death his family decided to sell off the luxurious car and donate all of the sales proceeds to a variety of charities.

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