The Most Expensive Calculators
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The Most Expensive Calculators

The Most Expensive Calculators

An inexpensive electronic device that can perform both basic and complex arithmetic operations is known as a calculator. It can be small and portable and mostly inexpensive. Calculating machines can date back to almost 2000 BC when Abacus was possibility invented. Later on mechanical and analog calculators came into being. With the development of microprocessors there came a boom in electronic calculators. More and more advancement in microprocessors calculators have evolved in their capabilities and have decreased in size also. There are a variety of calculators and task or work specific calculators also, where some are designed specifically for simple calculations, scientific calculators with trigonometric and statistical functions. There are also calculators which are PDA type devices, and some are also equipped with computer algebra, graphic abilities and mush more.

Calculators can be powered by batteries or solar power or both, and some were also powered by electricity. Here is a list of some of the most expensive calculators.

  • Mathemetica

Released in 1988, Mathematica is one of the most expensive calculators. It is also a calculator with one of the most powerful mathematical software. It can perform numerical or symbolic calculations, as well as plot graphs. It can also process a lot of data and much more. It consists of two programs, the front end and the kernel. The device looks more like a PDA rather than a conventional calculator. Actually the Mathematica can be accessed from a PDA and the actual calculations are performed on a more powerful computer.  It can perform simple calculations to a whole range of complex mathematical calculations, by the expensive programs comprised of thousands of Mathematica’s original algorithms.

Supported by a variety of platform including Linux, Windows and Mac OS X, it is priced between 2500 USD to 3120 USD depending on the operating system. Definitely it is one of the most expensive calculators in the world.

  • Victor 825 Scientific Calculator

Priced at 9999.99 USD, this is one of the most expensive scientific calculators in the world. The Victor 825 Scientific Calculator is extremely expensive, and a battery powered calculator. It has a handheld scientific calculator and has regular keys. The display is a regular 12 digits and calculator is designed nicely for grip and keeping in pocket.

  • 6x7x12 ARITHMOMETER No. 1846

This mechanical calculator has 12 places to register results, 6 entry setting sliders and 7 revolution counters. The top plate is a 1/8” thick brass plate and has a dimension of 11 ¾” x 3 ½”. The 17 3/8” x 2 3/8”  slide is made from 7/32” thick brass plates. The plain Oak case in which it is mounted is 18 ¼” x 7 ½” x 4” in dimension. This mechanical calculator is signed “THOMAS DE Colmar, INVENTEUR, EXPOSITION 16 RUE DE LA TOUR DES DAMES.., S'adresser, 44 RUE DE CHATEAUDIN, 44, PARIS” and bears a serial number 1846. There are less than 120 such calculators or arithmometers by Thomas de Colmar globally and more than 60 is in private collection.  Presently they are the most expensive calculators with a price tag of 12,500 USD.

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