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The Most Expensive Car Wash in the World: $153,000

Ivan Andrews / July 14, 2013

For owners of cars like the Bugatti Veyron, Veneno or the Aston Martin One-77, up keeping and its regular care is almost a passion. It is a cause of concern for anyone owing these cars as to where the same can be got polished so as to keep it shiningly new, all the while.

For those who have still not found the perfect car wash for their Bugatti Veyron, Veneno and Aston Martin One-77, the Ultimate Shine Car Wash can fit the bill perfectly. Known for its unparalleled services, it also offers the most expensive cash wash ever, what one might be able to ever think about.

The Scotland based Ultimate Shine is owned by Paul Wilkins and charges around $153,000 for a car wash.  Paul claims that the service provided by him is worth the every dollar spent and that the service is provided three times a year for the car enthusiasts who can afford to manage the same.

Another interesting fact worth mentioning here is that Paul Wilkins is always ready to fly to any part of the world for undertaking a service of similar nature. The price can be a bit on the higher side and Paul prefers to fly across the globe to care for those who are serious car collectors by nature and maintain their vintage collection.

As part of the process of the services provided by Paul Wilkins, he ensures that the car’s body and wheels are decontaminated in the first instance. This is followed by the polishing process thereafter washing the car with alcoholic cleansing agent.

Carnauba wax which is prepared from leaves of some of the tallest trees from Brazil is used in this process. Most of the cost incurred in this car wash comes from this process as this wax costs approximately $99,700.

Paul has shown his innovation with the Carnauba wax too. He has managed to create custom blend of this wax so as to meet the individual client’s preferences. Wilkins has even arranged for some scented waxes to add to the list of innovations that he has done with Carnauba wax. Paul is a perfectionist in his work and is at work till the time he gets satisfied by the quality of services that he offers.

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