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The Most Expensive Hockey Stick in the World $4.25 Million

Britney Scott / June 25, 2013


We’ve heard of golf clubs being priced rather heavily with unique material, but never did anyone think that hockey sticks could be worth millions!  The funny part about the world’s most expensive hockey stick is that it isn’t encrusted with precious diamonds and gems and neither do they have the pricey napa leather grips- as they are just sheer pieces of wood that are very old.

A Canadian man in 2009 created headlines when he purchased a hockey stick from an antique shop in Quebec which cost him $3,000.  After carbon dating the stick, it was found that it dated back to the 16th century.  He instantly decided to put his antique hockey stick up for auction on eBay and sell if at a minimum bidding rate of $1 million, however, the bubble was popped when historians doubted about the actual origin of the stick as they were of the opinion that they were carved recently from old chunks of birch wood and was not used for playing hockey in the Nova Scotian region in the 1600s.

Whatever may be the case, the world’s most expensive and perhaps the oldest hockey stick does not date back that long, but has been crafted relatively recently in the 1850s in Ontario.  This means that the world’s oldest hockey stick was crafted a few decades before the very first ice hockey game was played.  This heirloom item was then passes from one generation to another until it finally arrived in the hands of Gordon Sharpe.  Upon getting an appraisal of the stick, Sharpe came face-to-face with a pleasant bit of news:  he found out that the stick was now worth US $4.25 million.

Since then the hockey stick was been safely kept at the Hockey Hall of Fame and has also been displayed at Wayne Gretzky’s bar.  Sharpe has also tried to auction the stick on three separate accounts, citing reasons such as the price of the insurance and the extra safety precaution that were taken to safeguard the stick- which was a source of concern for him.  Recently, the stick had gone through auctioning during the 2010 Winter Olympics, however, there is no information of any deal.

Hockey sticks have undergone a lot of transformation and so has the game.  The first most obvious change in the hockey stick is blade which has undergone the most changes as it has now become more curvier so that the players could deliver powerful and accurate shots.  Another change in the hockey still has also been the weight of it and the durability.

A lot of hockey sticks are crafted in innovative ways.  The very first wooden hockey stick was made out of aluminum.  However, soon after that there have been other wild variations on the humble stick, by giving it titanium, Kevlar, and fiberglass.

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