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World’s Most Expensive Computers

Andrea Divirgilio / March 25, 2006

most expensive computer

A very interesting post over at Wired has listed the most expensive PC’s available till date. The list features Dell’s $10,000 collector’s edition PC, $24,000 Voodoo PC that has 2 terabytes of storage, 4GB of RAM and an AMD FX-60 dual core processor, $21,000 Apple G5, $5,000 luxury gamer’s Alienware PC, $17,000 Mach V, $355,000 diamond encrusted Tulip E-Go notebook, $55,000 Truvia EPC and $800,000 Decadent multi-screen display that offer combinations of up to 64 HD screens.This list of most expensive computers are really a rare one. So, if you feel like splurging then you have now got the best options to choose from!!!

1. Decadent Display
Cost:- $800,000

most expensive computer decadent display

Zenview series, Athens multi-panel LCD displays, Siemens and Radius 320 Seamless LCD displays are few examples of one of the most expensive computers, but now the era has changed and its time to expand your vision. 9XMedia is offering you to spread-up the vision with it’s feature of multi-screen display system that can be expanded and customized. This is one of the most expensive computers, featuring a 15 screen multi-display (expandable up to 30 screens) that can be fitted in 3 rows of display screen.

2. Tulip E-Go
Cost: $355,000

most expensive computer tulip ego laptop

The Tulip Ego notebooks have changed the trends of technology. A Tulip Ego model features 12.1” WXGA wide screen display, a front loading CD/DVD player and a burner that is used without booting your personal computer. The Tulip E-Go diamond notebook is made up of solid palladium white gold plates where top quality (80 carat), brilliant cut diamonds are used, which makes this beautiful PC an expensive one. The enclosures of the notebook is designed and developed with six fabrics. The leather laptop version, a foretaste, was made available in October 2005. This fashion notebook is an expensive one and was claimed as second most expensive Personal Computer, costing around $355,000.

3. Truvia EPC
Cost: $55,000

most expensive computer truvia epc1

Truvia EPC, nicknamed as ‘Amish Computer’ is a superb piece of hand-crafted enclosures for high-end PC’s. Custom designed, TRUVIA luxury is available for $55,000, which makes this piece hit the list of most expensive Computers.

4. Apple G5

most expensive computer apple g5

Apple G5 includes 16GB of SDRAM($10,000), an NVIDIA Quadro FX4500($2000) and a terabyte of storage($1000). The G5 has an anodized aluminum chassis, and was the final desktop manufactured by Apple. However G5 justifies your investment.

5.Voodoo OMEN
Cost: $24,000

most expensive computer voodoo omen

The Voodoo PC is an ultimate piece and a great status symbol. This expensive Computer has 2 terabytes of storage, 4GB of RAM and an AMD FX-60 Dual Core processor. But still there are a lot of other options available today for Voodoo. The Omen’s clear case reveals its detailed interior, with a chromed mirror which acts as a divider which runs through centre. This divider separates the airflow between CPU and hard drives. Although Voodoo has become status symbol, still Apple’s G5 is much better as far as features are concerned. This PC is at 5th position in the list of most expensive PC’s, as it costs for approx. $24000.

6. Mach V
Cost: $17,000

most expensive computer mach v

Mach V gaming desktop is a piece of firecracker with a beautiful aluminum chassis. The main attraction of this PC is customization, which gives a wide variety of choice. The Mach V sports system can be over-locked from 3.2GHz to 3.8GHz and uses only air cooling. Its internal setup represents the fastest PC ever tested on approximately every benchmark. The Mach V system hits the list on 6th position. This one costs for around $17,000.

7. Alienware
Cost: $15,000

most expensive computer alienware computers

Alienware is most liked by the gamers as this expensive computer provides them excessive quality. Alienware’s four nVIDIA GPUs with SLI makes it lovable for gamers. It consists Vivid HD (720p) 29.5cm(11.6”) widescreen display with HDMI output port. Intel i5 and i7 processors enable increases its performance by maintaining its long lasting battery life. The most advantageous feature in these PCs is powerful combination of their processor and graphics. This system stands 7th in the list of most expensive computer as it costs for $15,000.

8. Dell + Alienware
Cost: $10,000

most expensive computer dellalienwire

Good news for gamer’s, Dell has announced its $10,000 collector’s edition Personal Computer soon after it acquired Alienware. This is first PC to include four nVIDIA ghraphic cards in SLI. Dell’s $10,000 collector’s edition PC provides excellent quality to gamers with 3D Full HD widescreen monitor and mind-blowing 3D capabilities. So to power up your gaming vision for 3D experience, your system must be compatible with NVIDIATM 3D VisionTM Kit2, compatible NVIDIA® Graphics Card2 and Windows® Vista or Windows® 72. This system stands on 8th position, for it is worth $10,000.

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