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The most expensive scarf: Buy it for $4.8 Million!

Andrea Divirgilio / June 25, 2011

Most expensive scarf

It might look like a simple scarf that one can wear throughout the year on any occasion, but what if we say the scarf costs a whopping $4.8 million! Yes, this piece of cloth was auctioned at the Christie’s in London and fetched this unbelievable price.

This silk scarf began its journey when Zika Ascher, founder of well-known scarf brand Ascher London, went to Paris in 1946 to convince the legendary French artists Pablo Picasso, Henry Moore and Henri Matisse to design this piece of luxury.

If you are still wondering why the scarf is so expensive, it is because it was an original print of Matisse entitled Oceanie, La Mer that was based on his visit to Tahiti in 1940. The scarves were produced in a limited run of 30. Before making an appearance at Christie’s in London the scarf adorned the wall of the artist’s studio. Sam Ascher, the grandson of Zika, who is also the creative director of the brand states in an interview. “I think this result speaks to the originality of the Ascher Artist Squares project, and of course to the genius of Matisse. It makes me very proud that the concept and the collaborations originated by my grandfather are still treasured today. An undisclosed bidder spends a whack of cash and got this exquisite piece of scarf for whopping $ 4.8 million!

Via: Vogue

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