The mystical and magical Waterdesign Totem Shower

Andrea Divirgilio / May 30, 2008

waterdesign totem rJX3g 1333
Once upon a time, outdoor living meant simply the pursuit of happiness within the warm embrace of nature and an afternoon spent pondering over the benefits of home grown weed. But these days, it’s all about keeping up with the Jones. So if you too like a little showing off, this swanky new Waterdesign Totem SHT FO 2000 outdoor shower system is something that certainly belongs in your backyard by the jazzy new Jacuzzi. Designed to resemble a high-end art piece, the water station can be fitted with a sink, mirror, towel holder, shower accessories and customized taps to make your neighbors heart burn with all the envy Satan can possibly bestow upon his tortured soul. The iroko wood anti-slip footboard and footstall almost add insult to injury while you catch him peeping over the fence and trying to stare holes into the stainless steel beauty that lets you have hot and cold water on demand.

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