The nOrh 9.0 loudspeakers – Work of art designed to last a lifetime

Andrea Divirgilio / June 25, 2008

norh speakers LUxyW 48If you are on hunt for speakers with wonderful resolution, powerful dynamic range and the capability to produce the absolute best bass possible, you might want to consider the nOrh 9.0 two-way book shelf loudspeakers from the house of nOrh, a high-end audio manufacturer producing some of the world’s best audio products. Specs apart, the looks are going to kill me. Beautifully designed, the wine bottle shaped nOrh 9.0 is a unique ‘work of art’ that is designed to last a lifetime. The nOrh 9.0 uses one of the best tweeters in the world, the Scanspeak Revelator 9900 and the Scanspeak 15W8530-K00 wooferwhich is now found in loudspeakers selling upwards to $38,000. The finest crossover components used accounts for a sonic performance that never disappoints. The stunning speakers begin to roll off at 35 Hz and their 10 dB downpoint is 29 Hz The nOrh 9.0 marble is designed to last as the marble used is 50 million years old. Stainless steel has been used for the feet, while the grill is made from laser cut steel which has been powder coated. The strings are made from silk.

nOrh is renowned for combining avant-garde technology with traditional folk art to produce beautiful, hand-carved speakers made out of materials like marble, ceramic and wood. The nOrh 9.0 is available in three versions – Mini 9.0, nOrh 9.0 Synthetic Marble, and the high-end nOrh 9.0 Marble – selling for $1500, $20000 and $3000 respectively.

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