The Orb: A Bluetooth Headset That Turns Into a Ring
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The Orb: A Bluetooth Headset That Turns Into a Ring

The Orb: A Bluetooth Headset That Turns Into a Ring
There are quite a few gadgets that stand out for their innovativeness. The “Orb” is one such interesting product that has managed to capture the attention of tech geeks during the past four years. The “Orb” is basically a Bluetooth enabled headset that can be worn as a ring.
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The product will be available in two versions – Regular and Deluxe. The “Regular” model of the device was priced at $129 at the time of its launch, while the deluxe version cost around $175. Customers were provided with the option to embed a gemstone into the ring.
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The device comes equipped with several functionalities. Among the usual functionalities offered by the Orb were uses like hands free calling with guaranteed crystal clear sound made possible by high quality bone conduction audio technology employed by the gadget.  The deluxe edition of the device offers hi-end features like calendar reminders, text messages and Caller ID.
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To attractively designed device delivers a classy fashion statement when worn as a ring.  To use the Orb as a Bluetooth enabled device, all users need to do is to detach it from their fingers and twist open the hinged joint.  This turns it into a hands free headset that can be effortlessly placed on the upper portion of the ear. The dual speakers of the gadget utilize voice annihilation DSP technology. The device vibrates to alert users of event reminders, incoming calls and text messages. Users can go through messages and check event reminders when they wear it as a ring. The option of accepting or rejecting calls is provided by a button placed on the device. The Orb also can be utilized as an alarm clock and is fitted with a high resolution E Ink display. premenstrual dysphoric disorder, fluoxetine no prescription uk , cheap fluoxetine no prescription -

The product was intended to launch into the consumer market in the first half of 2010. It is being jointly developed by two leading consumer product companies, “AbsolutelyNew” and “Hybra Advanced Technology”. However until this day the product has not seen the light, the reason is unclear.

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