The pimped-out Mini Cooper gaming chair is for the wealthy gamers

Andrea Divirgilio / February 23, 2011

minicooperchair 1
We have earlier also seen some of the coolest furniture made out of classic auto parts, including the Mini Statement Car Desk, but designer David Gawthorpe’s Mini Cooper gaming chair shows what it takes to seduce even the most demanding gaming lover. This pimped-out gaming chair is made out of a black Mini Cooper. The multimedia chair actually retains the front end of the classic Mini Cooper, but when you lift the bonnet, it reveals the gaming throne. The ultimate gaming chair includes an Xbox, 500-watt amplifier, strobe and laser lights, stereo sound, lasers, a fridge at the back and even a remote-controlled smoke machine.


Mr Gawthorpe, 37, from Lower Hopton, West Yorkshire, said: “It’s a theatre-movie chair, a gaming chair, a workstation and a music centre.”

You can also plug into your TV for turning the gaming chair into luxurious home theater seating. There’s even a vibration pad called the “Butt Kicker” that reacts to bullet sounds to make you a part of the scene, virtually. Alloy wheels can turn into additional two seats for when you have company. The Mini Cooper chair sports a high gloss black finish and polished chrome parts to retain its classic appeal.

The only prototype of the Mini Cooper chair that existed has now been sold to a London entrepreneur, who has plans to put it up on sale in the his shop in Pimlico for an expected price tag of £8,000 ($12,967).


Via: Metro/AutoMotto

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