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The Price of Beauty for Kim Kardashian

Alberto / July 6, 2013

Expensive spa treatments which are popular with the rich and famous claim to provide multiple benefits like the ultimate luxurious experience along with magnificent results. One can say with a fair degree of certainty that a radiant and glowing complexion doesn’t come free and a substancial price needs to be paid for it.

According to news reports American socialite and reality star Kim Kardashian spends around 18 hours a month and approximately $ 2,175 each week to treat herself to beauty facial treatments.

Kim is a big fan of the “Bloody Facial” spa treatment which is more commonly known as the “Vampire Facial”. The unique facial treatment comes with a price tag which might possibly shock many ordinary mortals.  Reportedly a 45 minute session costs around $1,500. This luxurious unique facial treatment is so popular among international celebrities that the gift certificate of this treatment was included as a part of the Academy Award’s gift pack this year. The procedure that the reality star goes through involves a combination of several cutting edge technologies.

In the “Vampire Facial” method, the body’s own platelet rich plasma is injected topically to the skin to impart cells with a youthful appearance. Even the company’s CEO which distributes the technology for this facial treatment vouches for the claim that the process is 100% organic. He even states that the plasma derived from the client’s internal body possesses increased concentration of self-derived growth factors. Reportedly the doctors performing this facial procedure say that the results will be visible within a few days and can last for a maximum time period of four to six months. However it is also stated that the treatment at the initial period should be applied 3 times at intervals of four to six weeks in order to derive the best possible results. The process itself seems to be a pretty a painless procedure and this fact has also been confirmed by Kim.


The star has also revealed during the course of a talk show that her flawless creamy complexion is the result of her regular pampering sessions of “Fraxel”. It is a cosmetic laser resurfacing technique that helps to drastically reduce the fine lines and wrinkles of the face thereby providing a youthful and radiant glow. This facial treatment is offered in high end salons in Los Angeles and is priced in the range of $800 to $3,000 per session.

Reportedly the socialite flawless beauty regimen also includes the UMO 24 carat facial that costs around $ 300 for a single session.

Kim also goes through a couple of glycolic peel treatments every week that cost around $ 500 to help maintain her gorgeous looks.

Kardashian is one of the most sought celebrities in Hollywood, anything she wears or endorses has a way of being a great success. As the picture above showcases, Kim does take the time to post her beauty secrets online. She is never fearful of letting the public in on her beauty regime, in fact she is always candid about the procedures she endures to maintain the flawless skin we see everyday.

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