The Privateer aims to give amphibious plane design a new makeover

Andrea Divirgilio / August 7, 2010

privateer amphibious plane

Showcased at the at AirVenture 2010, the Privateer amphibious plane is being hailed as “The first new Amphibian design in 60 years” by the Privateer Industries. The Privateer is being developed through the collaborative efforts of aviator and entrepreneur John A. Meekins and Bill Husa, a professional Aircraft Configuration and Structures engineer. Designed for safest land and water operations, the Privateer features Tricycle landing gear for landing and taxiing, lightweight carbon fiber composite construction, shroud design around the propeller and a unique float layout for ease of operation during water-borne take-off and landings. The lightweight carbon fiber structure, coupled with the 724 HP Walter 601 series turbine engine, delivers high performance.

The spacious cabin accommodates one pilot and 5-6 passengers. Moreover, the configuration is scalable, so different models will be able to accommodate additional passengers. The maximum cruise speed at sea level and 15,000 ft. is 195 knots and 215 knots respectively. They are aiming for 1,000-mile range, but the actual figure will depend on final fuel tank configuration. The Privateer prototype is currently in the final stages.

Via: Gizmag

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