The Richest Diamond Owners in the World
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The Richest Diamond Owners in the World

The Richest Diamond Owners in the World
Until late, the saying that diamonds are a girl’s best friend seemed order of the day. However, changing times have brought a rapid change in this perception and today diamonds are perceived to be investors' best friends. Below are listed the top five diamond owners in the world. Take a sneak preview into their world and see for yourself how diamonds have changed their lives forever.

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  Being the honorary chairman of Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Group, Cheng Yu-tung has accumulated wealth of $19.6 billion making him the richest diamond owner in the world. Aged 87, Cheng Yu-tung is the oldest person in the list and the only Asian to make it to the list of richest diamond owners. The company started its operation in 1938 in Macau and has around 1800 Jewellery and watch stores across mainland China. Cheng Yu- tung’s other business interests spread across real estate, hotels and retail and infrastructure sector.

2.)    Beny Steinmetz

With a wealth of $5.8 billion, the Israeli born Beny Steinmetz is the second richest person on the list. He inherited Steinmetz Diamond Group from his father. The group has been in business for over 70 years and Beny Steinmetz is credited with mining 10 million carats of diamonds from Koidu mines. This he accomplished through one of his other endeavors namely Octea Diamond Group average cost generic prozac online pharmacy fluoxetine apps/profile/ 114023047/# prozac -generic-name- fluoxetine - where to buy puppy prozac buy prozac in . His company has crafted numerous diamonds including the famed Steinmetz Pink, a 59.6 carat diamond that was reported to be worth $100 million in 2003.

3.)    Dan Gertler

With wealth worth $2.6 billion, Dan Gertler, aged 39 is the youngest person to make it to the list of top diamond owners of the world. An Israeli businessman, Dan invested in Democratic Republic of Congo’s copper and diamond mines to make his fortunes. An influential name in Congo’s mining industry, Dan Gertler through his company Dan Gertler International Group has employed over 20,000 locals in the business. order Proscar

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Anne- Marie Graff on account of being wife of Laurence Graff, the billionaire jeweler in Britain happens to have net worth of over $2.1 billion. She is also a shareholder in his company Graff Diamonds. At its maximum offering, the stock that Anne- Marie Graff owns in Graff Diamonds will come over to $3.1 billion. The couple had been in news last year when news of their probable divorce was making news. However, that did not happen and Anne- Marie Graff continues to occupy the number 4 position in the list of top diamond owners in the world. atarax for bladder spasms what is... cheap atarax

5.)    Georges Nicolas Hayek Jr.

The CEO of Switzerland’s Swatch Group, Georges Nicolas Hayek Jr. is the fifth richest diamond owner in the world. With fortunes worth $1.7 billion, the Xenical 120 mg Swatch Group was in news recently when it bought the Canadian firm Harry Winston for over $1 billion. A sale that was processed through the Swatch Group was in news recently.  A 101.73 carat diamond acquired by Swatch group sold for a record breaking price of $26.7 million in the Christie’s annual auction in Geneva. Swatch Group is also known for lending crafted diamonds to Hollywood stars for famous events as Oscar. With crafting skills by their side, these famous personalities have made a name for themselves and have been able to rise to the pinnacle in the diamond industry.
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