The Swarovski studded Morpheus Chandelier by Yves Behar

Andrea Divirgilio / August 25, 2007

morpheus1Swarovski Morpheus Chandelier is a totally fascinating piece of art, which could turn all of us into designers. The light reflections that it creates, can be interpreted in what ever way the viewer wants to.

The light reflection changes with the movement of the viewer and makes all sorts of designs; it may suddenly change into a circle from a square, which in a split second would turn into an infinity sign. The designs just blend into one another unless you are careful enough to notice the shapes in between.

The way the chandelier forms images, seems miraculous, but it has a logic on which it works. This chandelier has a permutation of 10-foot diameter and 16,000 crystals, six servo-motors and cables which apply pressure to a flexible spring steel assembly. These motors are attached to six points on the perimeter, that allows the chandelier to create any shape.

The name of the designer to have amazed everyone by this creation is Yves Behar. I certainly would love to watch these cloudy chandeliers dangle on my room ceiling!

Via: Gadget4girls

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