The T@B XL: Towing a homely trailer for $62,000

Andrea Divirgilio / September 8, 2008

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RVs are facing a stiff challenge from brilliantly furnished tow-away trailers, and the competition certainly pleases us. Instead of shelling out hundreds of thousands on an RV, it is better to buy a plush trailer that packs it all in. Talking of such variants, the latest one from T@B qualifies as an attractive offering. On the outside, the XL has a teardrop design, and it measures 22-feet. Snaking and stability is a major problem with most trailers available, but the T@B XL pleases the buyer, with add-ons like an AKS safety coupling and AL-KO trailer control system. It isn’t solely the exterior that makes for a whopping price, the interior too contributes vibrantly. The teak finishing, leather upholstery and 23-inch flat screen with CD-DVD intact are among the options that make the trailer a top choice. What also adds to the manifestation is the 12-gallon holding tank and an under-floor heating option. For a change, I do not feel like arguing on the $62,000 pricing. More images after the jump.

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Via: Squob

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