The Titanic project by Dodo Newman pays tribute to the big mishap

Andrea Divirgilio / April 5, 2011

titanic project by dodo newman

It’s been nearly 100 years since the Titanic plunged into the murk of the Atlantic Ocean. As a tribute, resin artist Dodo Newman has created an impressing monument that’s dedicated to the Titanic. The Titanic project will be realized together with the 50 of the world’s finest luxury brands. This project combines the history with the future and the traditional handcraft with luxury. A huge 70-meter long, 10-meter high pyramid shaped aquarium presents the basic surface. On the top of the installation, there will be an amazing diamond and crystal surface, 300kg of pure jewelry with a special LED lightening.

Inside the pyramid, the Titanic project will include 50 luxury brands from around the globe that are masters in their respective fields. The brands will represent their finest products under the water covered by sea life.

No matter how difficult it was to accept the course of this destiny, the Titanic has no doubt given something New to Humanity. For Dodo Newman, such a wonder has always been the fascination of the Titanic, so she decided to restart one of her new installation project in 2012 in honor of the Titanic.

The original concept of the Titanic project was announced back in 2009. During the past three years, Dodo Newman and her team has worked round the clock to realize the amazing structure/monument.

Thanks, Dodo Newman

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