The Touch Screen Wall-Mounted Square CD Player

Andrea Divirgilio / December 27, 2006

square cd player 12
With wall plasma and LCD TV panels already there, you can now also hung-up your CD player on wall just like your flat screen TV to complete your wall entertainment setup! This stylish Square CD Player can be hanged on the wall just like any other wall panel and is not just a hi-tech music device but will lend an artistic touch to your decor too! The CD player boasts an illuminating Corian surface which looks pretty decent even when you turn off the CD player. And, once the cd is turned on, a light created-interface which can read the pressure in the sensitive spot without the need of buttons and a back light diffuse a soft illumination all around the square which creates a wall-sconce like effect. The glowing corian surface also works as a speaker tanks to the smart material technologies.

via CraveCnet

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