The ultimate BBQ Dragster by Tom Gasper

Andrea Divirgilio / April 7, 2010

bbq dragster 1

The BBQ Dragster, built by Strongsville resident Tom Gasper, is without a doubt one of the coolest grill setups we have ever seen. The amazing twin engine BBQ Dragster transforms from a trailer to a top fuel dragster. The whole idea for the same came up when Tom Gasper was joking with his Corvette-owning friends about having a barbecue that looked like a slingshot dragster. His ultimate dragster includes a normal grill, a flat top griddle, condiment station, refrigerator and a freezer. The most exciting part of the dragster are the front wheels that fold in no time to make this 16-foot long setup a street legal trailer. Gasper built the whole thing inside his garage and has plans to take the unique grill setup to the shows. Gasper, on his unique creation, cited…

This is something for fun for the summer. It’s kind of like a big erector set. It was a challenge, something different.

Gasper, along with his friends, also has plans to sell the dragsters to the customers in the near future.

Via: Cleveland

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