The Vencer Sarthe: Dutch Dupercar

Ray Arnab / June 24, 2013

Vencer was established by Robert Cobben, with a conviction and dream to design and develop a fantastic sports car. With a small team of highly skilled and talented engineers, he has developed the new Vencer Sarthe, which is not only exclusively designed, but also provides an incredible driving experience. Initially code named as #1, the name ‘Sarthe’ was finalised in the final stages of the development.

The Car:

The Vencer Sarthe is a sports car that is based on a hybrid space frame chassis. It is made from high grade tubular steel. The chassis also comes with chrome-Molybdenum safety structure and also has a rear sub-frame. The car is hand built and an exclusive two-seater sports car. The techniques combined with the superb quality materials make the car an extremely lightweight sports car. The floor of the car is made by a honeycomb design using high quality aluminium.

The exterior:

The key principles that have been dominating the design and styling of the Vencer Sarthe are aerodynamics and styling. Technology also plays an important role to bring out an impressive and elegant beauty for the road. The short nose is complimented by a long and large windscreen not only complements the look, it also gives an impressive driving experience.

The car is just a shade under 1400kgs, thanks to the carbon laden frame of the body. With a 45%-55% weight distribution ratio it is extremely stable. The car stands 1.2 meter tall and a width of 1.9 meters. The overall look can be attributed to the classic cars and other sports cars with a combination of aerodynamic designing. The well moulded lines and well etched deep lines give the car a powerful yet elegant finish. The headlamps are nicely placed as well as the parking lights, and the overall furrowed brow look is excellent. The back of the car is also nicely designed in a signature style, with nicely placed exhausts, and round tail lights.

The dihedral scissor doors adds to the style and elegance of this beauty known as Vencer Sarthe.

The interiors:

The interior are very spacious with lot of head room and leg space. The contoured ventilation louvers and the hand stitched interiors add a lot of elegance and style to the car. The hand stitched Alcantara leather sports seats are extremely comfortable. The wide LCD screen is perfectly positioned at the center to display all the necessary information. The minimalistic design of the dash is extremely eye catching with its carbon fibre look. The tri-striped aluminium shifter knob and leather encased steering wheel completes the interior’s minimalistic approach.

The Sarthe also houses efficient and effective climate control, with central car locking facility, standard alarms, electric windows and in-car entertainment. The car also has traction control, ABS among other features.

The Engine:

In a mid engine configuration is the engine configuration of the  8 cylinder engine that powers the Vencer Sarthe. The engine is directly bolted to the 6-speed transaxle gearbox. The V8 engine can generate a whopping 510 BHP at 6000 RPM, with a torque of 480 feet pound at 4700 RPM. The clutch is a twin plate 240mm one, and the gear box a 6-speed manual one with limited slip differential.

The Sarthe can generate a top speed of 326 Km/hr and can accelerate from 0 to 100 kmph in just 3.8 seconds.


With a double wishbone in rear and front, and rear and front brakes of 6 and 8 pistons with 385mm disc, the car is surely safe. It also has the standard air bags installed among other things.


The price of the car is disclosed on request only. Features can be added on request of the customer. To be produced in limited number, the Vencer Sarthe is surely a powerful and stylish sports car for the road. Definitely flows on the road like the name of the river that inspires the name of the model.

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