The Wealthiest Villages in China

Ray Arnab / June 22, 2013

Villages have been one of the most interesting aspects of human civilisation. They have not only been one of the examples of simple and serene life, but they also have been serving as one of the sources of food and other supplies for the towns and cities. Villages have also been one of the developmental indexes for the prosperity and development of the nations as well.

China has been one of the most fast paced developing economies in the whole world. The healthy rate of development of Chinese economy is also reflected by the development of their villages also. China boasts of possibly the wealthiest village in the world. Here some of the must-see wealthy villages in China.

1.       Jiuxing Village:

Located in the eastern region of China, Jiuxing also boasts of the largest wholesale market in the country. Combined with some other advantages Jiuxing has scripted an impressive history and fairytale story for itself. Not only has the village become one of the wealthiest and prosperous villages in China, they have become one of the happiest places to live in the country. They also has one of the best sports facility and infrastructure in the country. It is definitely one of the villages in modern day China worth a visit.

2.       Tengtou Village:

Tengtou village is located in the Zhejiang province. It is also the richest village in the province also. The village has a per capita income of 36,000 Yuan. With a gross social product value of 5.5 billion Yuan, the village also boasts of 604 million Yuan of profit and tax.

3.       Hangmin Village:

Hangmin village is also located in Zhejiang province of China. Hangmin village is also one of the richest villages in the province of Zhejiang as well as in China. The village boasts of a healthy and prosperous population who have a per capita living space of about eighty square meters. The per capita income for the village worker is more than 35,000 Yuan. One of the must see villages in modern China.

4.       Nanling Village:

Nanling village is home to Qiushuishan Park. It is one of the most visited amusement park that allows a break from the monotony from Shenzhen and the daily hustle and bustle of city life.  The park is spread over an area of more than fifty hectares and houses a mini Great Wall of China. The village also has a Hakka folk culture museum inside it, and also a badge museum among other things. The badge museum displays more than 10,000 badges with the image of the iconic Chairman Mao ZeDong.

A nearby peak also provides a bird’s eye view of Hong-Kong and also the sub-district. A golf training course and a roller coaster is also there to entertain.

Nanling is also known as the “First Village of China.” Located in Buji Sub-district, the village has paid an whopping 181 million Yuan recently, which speaks of the high financial wealth of the village.

5.       Huaxi Village:

This is the Numero Uno village in China and possibly the world. Villagers in this rich and prosperous village have assets of at least 1 to 10 million Yuan. They also own more than one car mostly and lives in villas. These villas are large and spacious, with most of the modern amenities.

The village also boasts of Longxi International hotel that towers an impressive 328 meters. The village also has built pagoda groups and other amenities and facilities like tunnels, farmer garden, Longxi lake. There are also many other tourist attraction, and the village enjoys a steady flow of tourists from all over the world.

The village of Huaxi is in Jiangsu province. It is located in Jiangyin city and it is administered by Wuxi municipal government.


The villages in China are developing fast and some of the ones mentioned above are some of the richest ones in the state. They not only speak volumes of the potential of the country, they also speak volumes about the future of the country. They also provide a serene and peaceful experience from the fast city life, they also provide a lot of scenic beauty of bountiful nature that has blessed the country with its bountiful best.

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