The world’s finest chef’s knife adds to ‘Nesmuk’ collection

Andrea Divirgilio / February 13, 2010

nesmuk chefs crystallized knife

The unique combo of a jeweler and a blade-smith, who are also the proud manufacturers of the sharpest and most expensive knives in the world, has now come up the finest chef’s knife in the world. Adding to their exclusive group of handmade knives called “Nesmuk,” this chef’s knife Nesmuk consists of 400 layers of Damascus cocktail and a cutting position of the finest carbon steel. Adorned with 647 Crystallized – Swarovski Elements, the knife with a curved shaft made of blue sapphire crystal highlights the lines of the damask and complements the shape of the handle. Priced at 12,000 euros ($16,340), the finest chef’s knife in the world awaits the most celebrated kitchens to lay their hands on it.

Via: Richtig Teuer

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