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Thierry Mugler’s batman inspired speed boat concept is for sci-fi lovers

Andrea Divirgilio / August 11, 2011

Thierry Mugler Spire Concept Boat

Since the latest craze amongst the uber-rich includes sea vessels, the powerboat makers from around the world are competing to provide the best in customized designs. The latest to join that league is the Thierry Mugler Spire Boat, which resembles a shot straight out of Batman or any other futuristic sci-fi flicks with a pre-dominant blue tone to it. It combines sophisticated technology and crafted design elements, which we have earlier seen in the Thierry Mugler limited edition perfume collection.

The idea of the Thierry Mugler behind this boat was to combine the essence of elements like safety, competitiveness and aesthetics. Henceforth, he borrowed ideas from Batman comics and power cars from the 1950’s to create this nautical wonder which is fitted with carbon fiber hull and leather finished interiors. The ideal spot for such an experiment had to be a special facility like Spire Boat. The tender of the boat shall also have vacuum bagged epoxy resin construction and twin outboard engines capable of generating 250 to 300 HP of energy which will make the boat go up to speeds of 90 knots. The interiors shall have leather detailed works for 4 passengers including the pilot for comfortable and stylish experiences. The main dashboard of the boat has all controls within the pilot’s reach making it easy to control this sea vessel, especially in rough water or at high speeds.

The design has already become a hit before lending the final finishing touches such as the external hull cover. Close to 26 confirmed orders received by Spire Boat to produce this sea vessel, and more is expected when it gets formally unveiled at the 2011 Monaco Yacht Show, that shall be most likely to the Icon 73 Milano super-yacht and the Streets of Monaco super-yacht fitted with an F1 circuit within the chassis. Don’t know who would be the winner, but this one is for sure a very tough competitor to these yachts.

Via: Charterworld

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