This three-story house is connected with slides!

Andrea Divirgilio / February 23, 2011

Remember the subterranean mansion with a water slide that goes from the master bedroom to the pool? Level Architects’ “House with Slide” proves once again that futuristic architecture can also be fun! Every time is playtime in this “House with Slide” by Level Architects. The Japanese architects Kazuki Nakamura and Kenichi Izuhara have designed this three-story family residence that features a continuous circulation route that utilizes both stairs and the playground equipment to make moving around in the house real fun. The playful layout places the living spaces at the core of the house with a number of access points along the course. The architects have laid emphasis on the natural elements like light, wind and open spaces as the most important thing in building the house. The interior is largely lit using vertical openings in the roof, and a centrally placed courtyard with sliding glass doors illuminates the living room with natural daylight to encourage the natural sunlight to light up the house. So, even if you can’t afford a mansion with water slides, you can have your dream house done up like this.

Via: Designboom/Level Architects

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