Tim Tebow | $ 5 Million
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Tim Tebow Net Worth

United States
Net Worth $ 5 Million
Tim Tebow
Tim Tebow
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Born on: 14th Aug 87 Born in: United States Marital status: Single Occupation: American Football Quarterback
Tim Tebow is an American football star plying his trade for the New York Jets in the National Football League. He was very successful in his college days as a football star & his talent was first noticed there. After his graduation, he was snapped up by the Denver Broncos . He is known as a dual threat quarterback, skilled at both passing and rushing the football. He has caught the eye for his unorthodox style of playing football. He is slowly graduating into the big money league as a sport superstar even though he still has a long way to go compared to some of his contemporaries. His earnings have shown a steady upward trend since he turned professional in 2010. That year he netted 1.3 million USD as his playing fees with Denver Broncos. It has since gone up to 1.6 million USD in 2011. He had a 11 million USD contract with Denver Broncos spread over a period of 5 years but he bagged a much more lucrative deal with New York Jets & joined them this year. He will be paid about 2.5 million USD per year & the compensation will go up if his on-field performances improve. He has landed lucrative deals with global brands like Nike, Jockey underwear & EA Sports. Together they are valued at about 3 million USD per year but can easily leapfrog to 5 million USD in the following years. His steady increasing earnings have enabled him to lead a more comfortable lifestyle. He lives in a luxury villa in Hoboken town in New Jersey in the US. He also has an apartment in New York. He drives in a vintage Ford pickup truck of 1967 make. He moves around the world in hired private jets. He is involved in charitable activities & has started his own philanthropic organization named as the Tim Tebow Foundation. He has worked with cancer patients & has raised money for disadvantaged children. He also supports an orphanage in Philippines which is also co-sponsored by his father. He plans to raise money to build a hospital in Philippines which will cater to children born with deformities. He was born in the Philippines to expatriate American parents. He has four other siblings. His parents were Baptist missionaries & background had a very considerable influence on his beliefs by instilling a very strong Christian value system inside him. He spent his early years in Jacksonville, Florida. He has spread Gospel messages from the Bible in Philippines & has supported many evangelists working there. In the US too he has done similar work. He attributes a lot of his positive qualities as a human being to God. He has not been involved in any controversies & strangely for a sportsperson has never been known to have been involved with any women.
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