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Net Worth $ 85 Million
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Born on: 10th Mar 72 Born in: United States Marital status: Married Occupation: Entertainment
Timothy Zachery Mosley popularly known as Timbaland is a Grammy Award Winner and is a very famous record producer, Song Writer, Singer, Rapper, Actor and Keyboard player. The talented personality is known for dedicating his life to show business. He started his career in his early teens as a disc jockey in Atlanta. In 1996, he got his first break as record producer for the album ‘Ginuine’ which was one of the hits of that time. After that there was no looking back, he established himself as singer, rapper and an actor. Throughout his musical career Timbland has got 13 Grammy Award nominations and also has won it twice. Adding to the list he has also won four MTV Music awards and seven Teen Choice Award nominations. Timbaland is one of the richest celebrity with a net worth of around of $75 Million. He earned this with all his passion towards music. Timbaland got his big breakthrough in mid nineties by producing for Aaliyah’s sophomore album One in a Million that included popular track ‘If Your Girl Only Knew’ and also for Ginuwine's debut album Ginuwine...the Bachelor giving one of the big hits ‘Pony’ in it. After that, he picked up pace and produced mostly loved songs like ‘Cry Me a River’, ‘Apologize’, Break ya Back’ ‘The Way I are’ and many more. In 2000, he was named as Top Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Producer by Billboard magazine. Soon in 2006, he initiated a new label for Mosley Music Group that encouraged talent from his former Beat Club Records label to work. As for now the artist is working for his new project that is a song featuring known indie pop star J'Royal Price belonging to Memphis, Tennessee and Jimm yCodean from Norfolk in Virginia, the project is named as ‘Hot Mess’. Being one of the wealthiest artists, Timbaland has a lavish and gracious lifestyle. Being a star he enjoys partying with his friends, mates and loves to spend quality time with his family and kids. He has been a good father to his kids and gives them all kinds of riches. Despite of his great and easy lifestyle, the star is much aware about the world around him and believes in contributing through his share of wealth. He supports charities such as designers Against AIDS, Stand up To Cancer, The Gentlemen's Fund and also offers support for the causes related to AIDS, Cancer, Economic/Business Support, Education, Environment, Health, and Human Rights. Timbaland was born on 10th March 1972 in Virginia. He graduated from the Salem High School. While attending his school he started his career as a DJ and was popularly known as ‘DJ Tim’ amongst the localities. Soon Timbaland started with hip hop backing tracks on a Casio keyboard. After bang in mid nineties he never looked back and till now he has worked with artists like Justin Timberlake, Jodeci, Aaliyah, Ginuwine, Missy Elliott, Destiny’s Child, Ludacris, Snoop Dogg and Jay-Z and many more. As he enjoys success in his career likewise he has been very lucky in his family life. He is married to Monique Idlett, the Sales and Marketing Vice president of BRE Magazine.
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Timbaland Autos and Cars (1)

Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead

Timbaland loves driving around in his $500000 silver colored Rolls Royce Phantom

Timbaland loves driving around in his $500000 silver colored Rolls Royce Phantom. The car possesses an irresistible combination of great looks allied with supreme performance. A 6.75 liter V12 engine delivers a power output of 453 horsepower at 5,350 rpm and 531 lb-ft of torque at 1,000 rpm. Direct fuel injection and variable valve technologies are utilized by the engine. The maximum speed attainable is 240 km/hour and the vehicle can zoom to 100km/hour from zero in 5.7 seconds. Interiors have been fitted with top class wood like mahogany and lined with expensive leather.

Timbaland Cause (4)

Designers Against AIDS

The singer has raised a lot of money for the charity “Designers Against AIDS”

The singer has raised a lot of money for the charity “Designers Against AIDS” which is an NGO started in 2004. It is part of the philanthropic organization “Beauty Without Irony”. It’s main aim is to educate young people in the developed world against the perils of the deadly HIV / AIDS disease. It uses various platforms like international media exposure, harnessing the power of popular culture by convincing celebrities from the fields of films, music, sports, fashion designing and arts to campaign on their behalf. “Prevention is the only cure” and “Know your Status, get tested ” are the messages it brings to limelight.

Raising Malawi

Timbaland feels deeply for the underprivileged children of Africa and has performed in live concerts to raise money for “Raising Malawi”

Timbaland feels deeply for the underprivileged children of Africa and has performed in live concerts to raise money for “Raising Malawi”. It’s a charity dedicated to alleviate the suffering of orphans in one of the poorest countries of the world, Malawi. They have relentlessly worked to benefit the country’s 1.5 million vulnerable poverty stricken orphans since 2006. A combination of methods like providing secure shelter, nutritious food, appropriate clothing, emotional support and medical care to the needy works wonders for a lot of children. Free education of a decent quality ensures a decent platform for the future.

Stand Up To Cancer

Number of celebrities supports Stand Up To Cancer charity program including Timbaland and Jennifer Lopez

He has participated in campaigns for the cancer charity “Stand Up To Cancer”. Its primary aim is to pool money to get the world’s leading cancer scientists and doctors to come together and work jointly to develop a cure against the deadly disease. A culture of collaboration is promoted and the need to eliminate unnecessary competition for the greater good of mankind is extensively highlighted. Electronic media like television and internet has been extensively used for this end. Celebrity endorsements too further boost the cause.

The Gentlemen’s Fund

The rap artist has tirelessly worked on behalf of the NGO “The Gentleman's Fund”

The rap artist has tirelessly worked on behalf of the NGO “The Gentleman's Fund”. The organization highlights the need to end the curse of human trafficking in the world. They put a lot of emphasis on the plight of millions of poor children who fall prey to human smuggling rackets who exploit them in the flesh trade and enslave them. Electronic media like television and celebrity endorsements are extensively used to bring an often ignored issue into the spotlight thereby increasing the level of public consciousness against this horrible crime.

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