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Titanic violin played by the bandmaster when the oceanliner sank has been found

Andrea Divirgilio / March 16, 2013

More than 100 years have gone past, but the ship still evokes a sense of ailing nostalgia for the tragedy it met with in 1912. Despite being the largest and the strongest passenger ship of its time, it met with a tragic end to its journey after clashing with an iceberg near the polar region. 1,500 people died and many more families suffered the losses from the tragedy, but the tragic incident still manages to get a lot of attention as something historic, as shown in the most expensive Titanic memorabilia to go on auction. Recently Australian billionaire Clive Palmer unveiled his plan for Titanic II, to set sail by 2016. From the depths of the ocean, the latest discovery from the ill fated ship, which we know will gather considerable interest, is a violin played by Wallace Hartley, the leader of the band playing on the Titanic. Auctioneers Henry Alridge & Sons, who will be undertaking the auction, have also testified that the instrument is authentic and pegs the estimated value at $604,560 (£400,000).

Wallace Hartley's violin on the Titanic

When some of the survivors when de-boarding the ship during its final hours, they remember Wallace Hartley and his band members still perform on the attic, something also depicted in the multi-starrer ‘Titanic’ movie. It is said that he did so, in order to maintain calm and peace and so that everybody can perhaps ride to safety without any unnecessary chaos being created. Going by the ambiance some say, Hartley played the sad tune of ‘Nearer, my god, to Thee’.

Wallace Hartley's violin on the Titanic

The violin is known to have been lost when Wallace Hartley drowned and passed away at the age of 34. But years later in 2006, a man is known to have found a travelling case with the violin in it, at the bandmaster’s home in Wiltshire. He got in touch with specialist Titanic Auctioneers Henry Aldridge & Sons, and for nearly 7 years, they collected evidence and researched into the history of the band leader.

Set of keys used by Titanic crewman

They have finally testified that this violin is the authentic one, known to be in the procession of Wallace Hartley during the last hours of his life on the Titanic.

Wallace Hartley's violin on the Titanic

Via: Daily Record

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