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Tom Chudleigh’s Ewok-Style Houses For Sale

Andrea Divirgilio / November 28, 2007

tree house

All you nature freaks get a chance to reside amidst nature, in the Ewok-style tree houses. Tom Chudleigh, a Canadian carpenter has designed these hand crafted, eco-friendly houses, which can comfortably sleep four. The Free Spirit Spheres are made of wood and coated in fiberglass for a waterproof exterior, and takes three people merely three days to be put up. The interior is fitted with a working kitchen, a microwave, fridge and sink, and can be customized by adding in beds and bronze doors. The creator of the product mentioned that the durable spheres gave an opportunity to people to move to the rainforest and get the thrill of the stay, with as little impact as possible. He is on his way to design a sphere which will be furnished with a washroom, shower and sauna. All this luxury does not come cheap, for you need to pay around $45,000 for the sphere alone and about $152,000 for a complete one. The interested folks can order one right away from

Via: Ananova

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