Top 10 Best Paid DJs In The World
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Top 10 Best Paid DJs In The World

5.Steve Aoki ($23 million)


If there’s one DJ who has rightfully earned his spot on the list, it’s Steve Aoki. In the 12-month scoring period, Steve played over 277 shows. That’s twice as many shows as Calvin Harris played. Steve sometimes played three shows in one day. Aoki claims to have mastered the art of power napping and he only has to sleep for 2-3 hours between gigs. His endorsements with Bud Light, Guitar Center, and Scion, also boosted his overall earnings. He also made money from his minority shareholding at Sol Republic, a leading headphone company.

4.Tiësto ($28 million)

Tiesto performs during 20th Rock Oz'Arenes Avenches  Switzerland-31/07/2011/Credit:JOFFET EMMANUEL/SIPA/1108020847 (Newscom TagID: sipaphotosthree249373.jpg) [Photo via Newscom]

The 46-year-old Dutch veteran lost his number two spot to Guetta, but still made a decent figure in 2014 by bagging $28 million. His success in the 12-month-period may be attributed to that fact he switched camp from Ibiza to Las Vegas, where he is enjoying performing at the Hakkasan megaclub for his residency. In the same period, he played over 100 shows. This year could amount to much more if he continues shining in Las Vegas.

3.Avicii ($28 million)


He tied at position three with Tiësto, both earning a decent $28 million. Don’t be quick to dismiss Avicii because he didn’t earn half as much as the pack’s leader, Harris. Avicii is making his millions at only 24 years of age. That’s almost half as young as Tiësto, who is 46. The Swedish DJ’s career has been on a steady rise and 2014 was his best year after his album, True, became a huge success. “Wake Me Up” was one of the songs that propelled Avicii to greatness, ultimately earning him the third spot in the list of top earners. The song moved a staggering 4 million units in the United States.

2.David Guetta ($30 million)

1401x788-David Guetta - 3 - credit Ellen Von Unwerth [web]

Even though the other European on the list, David Guetta, jumped over Tiësto to claim the second spot by earning $30 million, he (David) still made slightly below half of what Harris earned within the same 12-month period. The former Paris club manager earned much of his $30 million by touring with Rihanna and featuring in some of Lady Gaga, and Britney Spears’ tracks, from their latest albums. He is still loyal to his European roots by maintaining his Ibiza residency, despite performing most of his gigs in Las Vegas. In March 2015, Guetta divorced his wife of 22 years, but his record of accomplishment hasn’t suffered a single blow.

1.Calvin Harris ($66 million)

calvin harris

He was top of the list in 2013, and stuck there in 2014. Calvin Harris played in more than 125 shows to earn himself $66 million and the first position in the Forbes list of 10 best paid DJs. Who would have thought that the former grocery store stocker would be the highest paid DJ in the world? His earning actually increased by over $20 million within 12 months. A lot of his success comes from his deep roots in the pop culture, and the fact that he works with world famous pop stars such as Rihanna and Kesha. The artists have helped Calving land some high profile electronic dance music (EDM) gigs, and other non-EDM ones such as Coachella. Currently, Harris works and performs at the Hakkasan nightclub in Las Vegas, Nevada, as part of a long-term residency deal.

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