Top 10 Billionaire Art Collectors
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Top 10 Billionaire Art Collectors

Top 10 Billionaire Art Collectors
Wealth X, a wealth intelligence firm has come out with some interesting statistics.The study found results such as " most billionaires own art. Of the world’s 2,170 billionaires, the average holding of art is worth US$31m, according to Wealth-X research, or 0.5 per cent of their net worth." Top billionaires have invested around 18% of their worth in art. Wealth X has come up with a list of top 10 billionaire art collectors who have maintained this tempo and have ensured that art collection done by them is appreciated by one and all.

1.)    David Geffen

Lamisil at low prices   Having a net worth of $5.5 billion with investments worth $1.1 billion in art, David Geffen is the richest art collector. David reportedly sold four pieces of his art for $421 million in 2006.

2.)    Steven A. Cohen

With 12 percent of his net worth of $8.3 billion invested in art, Steven happens to be the second richest art collector. He also runs hedge fund SAC Capital. Steven was in news recently when he paid $155 million for a Picasso.

online canadian pharmacy store! buy dapoxetine online. instant shipping, buy dapoxetine . 3.)    Eli Broad

Eli has $1 billion worth in art with his net worth amounting to $6 billion. Founder of KB Home and Sun America Inc., Eli Broad is a famous philanthropist with his foundation having asset over $2 billion. Eli owns art collections created by over 200 artists. Some of the famed artists who collections Eli owns include Cindy Sherman, Jasper Johns and Jeff Koons among others.

4.)     Boris Ivanishvili

dapoxetine reviews dapoxetine fda 2012 cheap dapoxetine With $6.4 billion of net worth and 15.6 percent of the same invested in art collections, Boris Ivanishvili is the fourth rich art collector in the list with $1 billion worth of art. Most of Boris Ivanishvili’s wealth has come from sectors as banking and metal industry.

5.)    Francois Pinault

Owner of luxury conglomerate, PPR, Francois has a net worth of $9.9 billion and owns $1 billion worth of art. Francois also owns Christie’s and is a  known art collector. He has acquired some of his collection from Jeff Koons and Damien Hirst.

6.)    Nasser David Khalili

Having $930 million worth of art, Nasser is the 6 treatment with Sildenafil buy dapoxetine online overnight, dapoxetine cost uk, online pharmacies dapoxetine, online meds rx dapoxetine, cheapest generic dapoxetine, buy  th richest art collector. An interesting fact about  Nasser David Khalili is that he is the richest private art collector. Most of his collection is exhibited in museums including some in Albert and British Museum.

7.)    Norman L. Braman

Norman L. Braman has around $900 million worth of art making him the 7th richest art collector. His success can be attributed to his endeavours in car dealership sector. He is known to possess over 240 pieces of art in his collection.

8.)    Doris F. Fisher

Doris takes the 8th 5 nov 2009 ... buy zyban online without prescription, fall is always exciting at apple hill. september is relaxed, ordering zyban online, buy zyban ... spot in the list owing to him having $800 million worth of art. She has invested around 34.8% of her net worth in art. Having over 1000 art collections in her possession , Doris is known to be an avid art collector.

9.)    Leon Black

$750 million of art collection makes Leon the 9th richest art collector. He is also the founder of Apollo Global Management. Some of his famous collections include Impressionism, Chinese Sculpture and Contemporary Art. Gastrointestinal

online canadian pharmacy store! order prednisone without prescription . cheapest rates, generic prednisone canada. 10.) Samuel Irving Newhouse Jr. 

$700 million worth of art makes Samuel the 10th richest art collector. He has invested around 9.9% of his net worth in art.
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