Top 10 Expensive Holiday Gifts For Kids
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Top 10 Expensive Holiday Gifts For Kids

Top 10 Expensive Holiday Gifts For Kids

We all have a budget when it comes to buying our kids some holiday gifts, however this budget varies from family to family. Some people out there have such a high budget that they enjoy spoiling their kids with some of the most expensive gifts out there. If money is not a barrier to you then you may consider buying some of these items in this list. Here are the top 10 expensive holiday gifts for kids.

10: LEGO Star Wars Ultimate Collectors’ Millennium Falcon – $3,888.88
This stunning LEGO piece is certainly not cheap but the fact that it is a collectors’ edition boosts the price. If you have a young boy then he is sure to love this gift.

9: Home Pro Racing Video Game Simulation System – $3999.99
This gadget can be seen in the arcades and is a fan favorite. The system comes with a steering wheel and pedals along with a nice comfy seat to sit on. There are three front speakers and multiple rear speakers so your kids are sure to get the real racing experience with this.

8: Zoltar ( The Fortune Teller) – $8,999.95

This funky fortune teller will provide you with sixteen varying spoken fortunes and twenty three different printed fortunes. There are also different head movements including Zoltar nodding his head. This crazy gift will certainly entertain any child.
7: Grand Victorian Mansion – $22,000
This Victorian themed mini house looks as though it has came straight from a fairy tale. The playhouse includes a wraparound porch, window boxes, a skylight, a doorbell, brass door knocker and a stained-glass window. The interior is fantastic resembling a real house with nice looking sponge-painted walls, a fireplace mantel, hardwood floors and a loft which can be accessed by the use of a ladder.

6: Mini Ferrari – $25,000
Every male kid grows up dreaming to drive a Ferrari. Now this dream can come true and early too with the mini Ferrari. This is a replica of the real motor and is large enough for any kid to play in.

5: LEGO Life-Sized Batman – $27,000
This life sized LEGO hero will guard your child from everything that lurks around in the dark of the night. The statue is around 6 foot 6 and is easy to assemble with only three separate parts which are put together.

4: Junior Off Roader Gasoline Powered Vehicle For Two – $32,350
This fantastic vehicle will assist you teach your child to drive at a very young age. There is also a fully working radio inside the vehicle to make it even more realistic. There are also adjustable leather seats in the car which is perfect and lets kids of all sizes fit in the car.

3: Fantasy Coach – $47,000
This princess themed carriage will actually make any young daughter feel like a princess and let her dreams come true. This has been handcrafted with fiberglass and wood and has a diameter of 6 feet.

2: The Genuine 7-foot Robby Robot – $49,999.99
This is a magnificently engineered life size robot which is seven foot tall and remote controlled. You can also project your own voice through the robot with a wireless microphone which is included. This gift is suitable for kids of all ages and is sure to provide entertainment for all.

1: Tumble Outpost – $97,510
This huge playset comes with a lookout tower and double rock-climbing walls, a small play area and a fire pole. There is also a slide included to add to the fun. Any child will love this playset and it looks perfect in any garden big enough to contain it.

So if you are looking to spoil your kids then you should consider purchasing some of these rather luxurious gifts for them. You are guaranteed entertain them and at number 1 the Tumble Outpost is fantastic. It is a huge play area for all kids of all sizes and can keep your kids out the house having fun for hours.

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