Top 10 Expensive Holiday Gifts For Men
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Top 10 Expensive Holiday Gifts For Men

Top 10 Expensive Holiday Gifts For Men

Come holiday season 2014, there are a lot of disgustingly expensive gifts that are going to get eyeballed (mostly by those of us that cannot afford them!) Here is our list of some of the most expensive gifts for the man in your life. We hope you have the stomach (and finances!) for it.


  1. Dahon Foldable Bike, $5,500


If your man loves to ride, gift him this uber expensive but uber quality foldable bike by Dahon, called the <Mu Rohloff> ( It is perfect for athletic or adventurous men, and the best part is that you can get it on, for a whopping $5,500.


  1. Game of Thrones Throne, $20,000


Fans of the Game of Thrones fantasy TV series will love a <replica of the Iron Throne> (, an intricately crafted limited edition piece of furniture that every home with a Game of Thrones buff needs! The kingly medieval throne that will set you back by $20,000 is made of fire-rated resin and fibreglass and, ironically, put together by robots.


  1. Tanqueray No Ten Imperial Shaker, $35,000


This is the <world’s coolest cocktail machine> (,m&r=cat48140738&rdesc=The%20Fantasy%20Gifts&pageName=Imperial_Shaker), standing at 6 feet and made of brass, cast iron, silver and copper. The crank generates an elliptical shake, and when you shell out the $35,000 for it you also get a year’s supply of Tanqueray No Ten and a mixology education session. Why go out for cocktails anymore when you have this imperial one?


  1. Gutenberg Style Bible of Golf, $48,000


An avid golfer with luxurious tastes will love the limited edition, handmade <Bible of Golf> ( by Wonder Publications. There is no better way to indulge (for a little less than $50,000) in your love for the game than to flip through the Russian hide leather-bound, handmade paper and 82 pounds of golf-related art that tells the story of the game.

  1. Vilebrequin Quadski, $50,000


Go from water to land in a few seconds with the fashionable and adventurous <Vilebrequin Quadski>,a,b,c,e,z&r=cat24050744&rdesc=The%20Christmas%20Book&rparams=xpage%3D106&icid=pdp_cb14quadski_fb) , priced at $50,000. The vehicle is stylish, with prints by the men’s swimwear brand Vilebrequin. It comes with a 1300 cc BMW engine that can accelerate up to 45 mph on water or land, if you make the purchase from Neiman Marcus’s Fantasy Christmas Book, you will be helping to donate $1500 to youth arts education.


  1. Preston Bailey Peacock Floral Sculptures, $25,000 and $65,000


Every man needs a <$65,000 floral peacock> (,m&r=T1CAT34810732_7) in his garden! Preston Bailey, event planner, got together with Neiman Marcus to offer a 6 foot tall fabulous garden peacock with a 10 foot long tail of seasonal plants and silk flowers. For those who do not want to share the glory with the neighbors, there is a smaller indoor version for $25,000.


  1. Slot Mods USA Ultimate Slot Car Raceway, $300,000


If the man in question is a gearhead, get him a <custom slot car track> (,a,b,c,e&r=cat48_3) designed by Slot Mods USA for Neiman Marcus. They will build you a perfect 1:32 replica of just about any modern or classic race course in the world, from Monte Carlo to Daytona, complete with foliage, buildings, signage, grandstands and aluminum railings. This boy toy will set you back by a whopping $300,000, a price that explains the very real electronics – in-car cameras with real-time feeds, working headlights etc.


  1. The House of Creed Bespoke Fragrance Journey, $475,000


Neiman Marcus brings yet another shockingly expensive <bespoke fragrance> (,m&r=cat24050744&rdesc=The%20Christmas%20Book&rparams=xpage%3D51&icid=pdp_cb14creed_fb) by Olivier Creed, with a royal shopping treatment for a couple that includes a journey to Paris (first class, of course), fine dining with the Master Perfumer himself, five star accommodation and white glove service. This is a perfect gift for the man that knows his perfumes.


  1. Lamborghini Veneno Roadster, $4.7 Million


A gift for him need not fit in the living room! The extremely limited edition Lamborghini Veneno Roadster is a pricey set of wheels that any man would love to be gifted at Christmas. There were just nine cars built, so laying your hands on one might be difficult. But that doesn’t stop us from admiring <this beauty> (!


  1. Long Island, South Carolina, $29 Million


Why not gift him an island for $29 million in South Carolina? This particular island, <Long Island> (, is an undeveloped 4,600 acre piece of land that is up for sale <here> ( There’s nothing better than your own sprawling private island with 147 acres of ground that can be developed into anything you want!


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