Top 10 golf cars that are better than your car
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Top 10 golf cars that are better than your car

Top 10 golf cars that are better than your car


Golfing enthusiasts from all corners of the world will tell you that having a good golf cart is very essential to one’s game. Most golfers do not want to lug around a heavy golf bag all day long. It can make the difference between an awful swing and an amazing hole in one. This is because the carts provide lots of added benefits. Many people now realize the need to own a fabulous golf cart that can be useful both in and out of the golf course! Many people are opting to buy personal golf carts that are suited to their every transportation needs. They are available for both purchasing and as rentals to allow people the most flexible features. Celebrities and high-profile individuals have not been left behind in this global craze. Famous faces from various areas can now be seen cruising about in custom golf carts that turn heads everywhere they go. In fact, some of these carts are so tricked out that they even surpass the luxuries of most cars. Here is an unbelievable list of the top 10 celebrity golf cars that are better than your car in the order of least to most.

Top 10 golf cars that are better than your car

  1. E-Z-GO

These superb golf carts are a favourite among many people. They are common in both golf course and also private homes as well. The Textron industry produces E-Z-GO golf carts. This organization partners with other hi-tech companies to build the best golf cart out there. The E-Z-GO cart is way better than your car due to its expertly engineered electric-gasoline engine. This feature is the number one reason nature lovers flock to buy the eco-friendly golf cart. Everybody wants to preserve the earth in order for the future generations to enjoy it. What better way than to achieve this than by utilizing the fantastic features of the E-Z-GO golf cart. It’s no wonder celebrities are asking for the customised vehicle that will suit their green needs.

  1. Yamaha

Although the brand Yamaha inspires thoughts of musical instruments and powerful motorbikes, they also manufacture high-quality golf carts. Yamaha is responsible for many breath taking golf cart fleets in several golf courses. Celebrities from various industries custom order different golf carts that are so expertly manufactured that they are better than your car in many ways. Whether they want to take a relaxing drive around the house or even mosey over to the clubhouse, these golf carts are definitely the way to go.

  1. Gem

When it comes to selecting the best golf cart, celebrities and plenty of golfing enthusiasts prefer to go for the Gem golf cart. This is because they get a broad range of carts and utility vehicles to choose from. What attracts millions of celebrities to this incredible range of golf carts is their bubble shaped design and ability to hold extra luggage. This means that they can transport both passengers and their luggage comfortably. Golfers also prefer this vehicle because it is both functional and unique in design. The cart is sure to turn heads anywhere you go. Its unique design and functionality are what makes it better than your car in all ways.

  1. Club car

This magnificent golf cart traces its origins in Augusta, Georgia. This is the home of golfing champions and what better way for winners to travel than by the club car. The company has a very favorable reputation when it comes to quality and dependability. The Club car has a very broad range of different models to select. The carts suit the different needs of all celebrities because they offer options for purchasing gas fuelled golf carts and also electric powered motors. This means that the natural terrains out there are catered for thus making the club car much more flexible and better than your car.

  1. Cadillac Escalade

The classic car is manufactured by Cool Carts of Texas in collaboration with the manufacturer. This car is equipped with sixteen-inch real escalade tyre wheels, fully functioning headlights and an exquisite interior. These features make the Cadillac Escalade golf cart far much better than your car. The fact that celebrities can now add custom upgrades such as a booming sound system only adds to the beauty of the Cadillac Escalade golf cart.

  1. The Smoothster

Introduced by Pennwick, the Smoothster is modelled after the classic car known as a roadster. This car has four seats and has both functional headlights and tail indicators. Built on the new and lightweight Club car chassis, the Smoothster has twelve-inch rims and can accommodate a stereo.

  1. X4 Hybrid

This astounding hybrid is manufactured by American Custom Carts. This hybrid cart offers fantastic options for gas and electric power to enable celebrities a broad range of choices. With chrome grills four seats and off-road wheels, this car can travel up to 200 miles making it far much better than your car.

  1. The LA Benz

With the most seating capacity in the market, this car can fit up to six people with ease. The golf cart is modelled after the Mercedes-Benz thus giving it the classy look and feel of the luxury car. Cup holders are also an interesting feature that makes celebrities fancy this cart.

  1. Hummer 6 Pack Limo

From the makers of the hardiest rough terrain vehicles, Hummer has collaborated with Las Vegas Company Golf Carts to amazing carts that are built to factory specifications. Equipped with 70 volts of raw power, the cars can maintain very high speeds for an extended period of time; the fact that celebrities can get custom paint jobs and alligator seats make this cart better than your car in very many ways.

  1. Royal Limousine

This cart is truly fit for kings and queen. The royal limo is very luxurious and carries a very hefty price tag. This is the ultimate golf cart for anyone who wants maximum comfort and has very distinct taste. The Royal Limo offers celebrities with plenty of space, fifteen-inch rims, beautiful leather seats as well as a six-passenger capacity hardtop. It is easy to see why the top ten golf carts are better than your car in every aspect.

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