High-tech luxury coffee tables of all time
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High-tech luxury coffee tables of all time

High-tech luxury coffee tables of all time

Yes, a lot can happen over a cup of coffee, especially if your coffee table is stylish, hip and, to top it all, an expensive one. Most coffee tables are just meant to harmonize the mood and overall decor of your living room, right? But, there are a few that tend to changes the notion. We have earlier introduced the most stunning, luxurious and high-tech coffee tables in the past and now, we have compiled a list of high-tech luxury coffee tables. And, most of them are multimedia coffee tables as furniture units featured with some high-tech multimedia capabilities.

Iluminating coffee table

The Iluminating coffee table from Suck UK is another addition to the in-demand illuminating products. The tech-table is made of brushed stainless steel and glass top with heavy duty power cable and switches and has separate controls for lighting the top and underside. The glowing table features interchangeable color filters, which allow you to customize the lighting in the table to adjust to your mood and occasion. The built in power connection allows you to plug in your laptop, for convenient modern living. Made from stainless steel and toughened glass, it is also hard wearing and durable. The table has sure got some cool tech-features and versatile looks to make it worth its £2000+ price tag.

Wave Coffee Table

An ultimate solution to a beach café! The WAVE LED Coffee Table is stimulated by movement on its top which is either a smart plastic or a thick glass cover. The table consists of a network of 32 active and passive near-infrared optical sensors and uses a bare minimum of 35 Watts. The 480 Led light sensors function according to the movement on the table. The light patterns sweep outwards from your motion glowing brighter when the movement is closest to the circuit. It gives you a cool feel of a pool right in your living rooms. This ready to flaunt table will cost you $2,500. An affordable price for a complete masterpiece.

Stealth multimedia coffee table

The Stealth multimedia coffee table features wi-fi enabled internet access with email facilities, 19 inch TFT screen, stereo speakers, Bluetooth, NTFS file system, gaming facilities with game pad ports and arcade classics. The table features 3D graphics and multiout connectors for gamers.

Retro Arcade Machine Coffee Table

This handcrafted retro arcade machine comes loaded with games like Donkey Kong, Scramble, Space Invaders, 4D Warriors, Frogger, Pacman, Phoenix, StarForce and loads of your other favorite games. The arcade table has its own custom-built menu system, which allows you to select your favorite game by moving the joystick and then press the fire button to start playing. So, you don’t need to go through the hassles of replacing the board each time, you want to try another game. The arcade coffee table features a high quality 14″ monitor that’s mounted length ways to provide the genuine arcade look. And, the table allows two players to play simultaneously with control panels on each side. This trendy coffee table comes with a shatterproof surface for a price of $1,650.

SurfaceTension Internet Coffee Table

With the Internet Coffee Table from SurfaceTension, there’s no limit to what you can do to make your coffee break the most entertaining part of your routine. The multimedia baclofen mg, cheap lioresal, buy cheap baclofen , lioresal mg, purchase baclofen , buy lioresal, lioresal intrathecal. buy lioresal - lowest prices ! coffee table is equipped with a powerful Dell PC, an elegantly concealed screen and control panel, and a high specification of entertainment software. It ships with an Airport Express, compact wireless keyboard with integrated trackball, Taito Legends package, high-quality audio cable, Ethernet cable, Intel Pentium D - dual core processor, 160GB hard disk, 4 USB 2.0/1.1 ports for plug & play capability, joysticks, iIntegrated DVD-ROM/CD-RW drive, and internal amplifier and speakers. You can even upload your digital photos with Windows Picture Viewer’s slide show and Apple’s Quicktime media player to share those beautiful memories with your friends over a cup of coffee. All this fun will set you back for around $3,295.

Gaming Coffee Table

This is yet another coffee table from the house of Surface Tension. It masks practically a fast Windows PC and a 19″ LCD flat screen under its hood. They come complete with two sets of real arcade controls as well as a HAPP trackball, which means you can challenge your friends by turning to a two- player mode. An Intel Core 2 Duo processor with 1GB of RAM, 160GB of storage and Wi-Fi connectivity powers the systems. You can even pre- load iTunes and stream tunes to your stereo wirelessly. The system is available to you, all pre-loaded with a collection of 29 games called the ‘Taito Legends’. Your surface tension arcade game table is not limited to the games that are pre-installed because it is MAME-compatible and you can add any game that you desire! Yours for $6600.

Retro-Tech Digital Coffee Table

With this digital coffee table, you can use the PC from the comfort of your own sofa. The retro-styled digital coffee table atarax mg, buy atarax, buy atarax online, purchase atarax online, hydroxyzine 25 mg, buy hydroxyzine, purchase hydroxyzine online. features a touchscreen, Blu Ray-DVD, HDTV Connection, Microsoft wireless keyboard and mouse, 19-inch wide angle LCD screen and 6mm toughened top glass. Yes, a lot can happen over a cup of coffee especially if your coffee table is stylish, hip and, to top it all, an expensive one. No words on pricing, but we know we shouldn’t expect it to come dirt cheap.

DeLighTable Coffee Table

The Kloss’ DeLighTable takes the guise of a slim coffee table, which is only twenty five millimeters thick. The flamboyant table allows you to create vibrant visual effects just by touching it. The real work obviously lies in the pressure sensitive surface, but now it also comes in an attractive casing. Running on 12 volts and entirely waterproof, the DeLighTable has been developed as part of an investigation into reactive space. The pressure sensitive surface starts to shine with the slightest touch. The tables are made to order, and the typical lead time is four to six weeks. Priced at around US $2300.

ROSIE Coffee Table

The ROSIE coffee table is a 40-inch touchscreen Apple computer in a form reminiscent of Microsoft's Surface. ROSIE claims to have integration and interaction with iTunes content. You can even download content from digital cameras, and business card readers. The $35,000 ROSIE table comes with an Intel processor, 500GB of internal storage, and 2GB to 4GB of RAM. That’s a perfect high-tech coffee table.

Microsoft Surface

How can we miss this one? The ‘Surface’ by Microsoft is a Minority Report styled touch sensitive table that features a 30-inch screen embedded in an acrylic tabletop. The tabletop uses cameras under the display to detect touches, and it can handle multiple touches at the same time. The table features a range of intuitive applications like painting with surface, virtual concierge, interacting with digital content like downloading contents from a digital camera with Wi-Fi capabilities when placed on the display. It can also read bar codes and identification tags embedded in objects for varied purposes. Priced at $10,000.

NES controller coffee table

Kyle Downes of Essendon, Australia has created the finest NES controller mod we’ve ever seen. This is a real working coffee table sized NES controller. It also has glass cover so that it can used as coffee table and it has storage part so you can store all your game under it. The sleek lines, the high quality finish and classy glass top add to the overall looks of the NES coffee table.

Pinball machine Coffee Table

This is a coffee table built from the playfield of a pinball machine. It is pretty easy to build and best of all, it lights up. It was inspired by a bar in Seattle called Shorty's.

One & Co Multimedia Coffee table

This Multimedia Coffee table designed by One & Co is a digital jukebox integrated into a coffee table. Owing to its immediacy and accessibility, the table lets you and your green-eyed guests to browse through the music libraries and select the favorite tracks. You can even use your portable music players to download the music directly. Details buy zyban nline canada. buy zyban nline uk. buy cheap zyban nline. rder zyban n prescriptin. nn-prescriptin zyban. zyban nline n prescriptin. zyban generic ... are sketchy regarding the full specs, but we do appreciate the concept of a coffee table that plays music. Furniture pieces with some multimedia capabilities have always enticed me and this Multimedia Coffee Table from One & Co is no exception.

Digitable Coffee Table

The Digitable by Peter Lea integrates a CD/DVD player and disc storage carousel into a contemporary glass coffee table (do check out the image gallery). All you need to do is to pair it with your plasma TV and enjoy your favorite tracks and movies whilst sipping your cup of coffee. Hhope we see it for real too.

3G Zen coffee table

There’s nothing more mesmerizing than having a piece of functional art, a Zen coffee table to harmonize the mood and overall décor of your high-tech living room. Simon Hallam, a video game developer has beautifully crafted a glass topped Zen coffee table that automatically sculpts patterns, shapes and images into a layer of sand like material, microscopic silicon beads beneath the glass top, resulting in ever changing images and patterns in the sand that looks magical, truly like an ancient Japanese Zen garden. This thrilling piece of functional art is Simon’s imagination of bringing the classical Zen garden art to your home by using electronics and robotics. Proprietary software programs a sculpting head to create shapes and patterns based on templates and instructions in real time. Environment friendly Zen coffee table is made from beautiful, durable and strong bamboo that can be finished as per your choice of varnishes and stains matching your existing furniture. Constructed using extremely strong tempered glass, this coffee table also got a controllable internal lighting and comes with SD card containing programs of sculpting patterns. Further, an optional 3G modem will facilitates your table to receive new sculpting programs, along with a service subscription plan that will update new designs to the table as they are created. Along with the table, owner will also get access to the currently under development, Android and iPhone app which will allow you to control the table and play a compilation of classic games or you can even write messages to people on the table. To fund and follow his creativity, Simon Hallam has opted for Kickstarter, the online threshold pledge system for funding creative projects. Simon wants to bring this Zen table to the public, so that everyone could enjoy his mesmerizing invention. So far, Simon has successfully received his full funding, with one backer who pledged $7499 to get the Zen coffee table. Currently, Simon has developed two versions of the Zen table; one is the full sized coffee table measuring 56” x 39” x 19.5 and second is the Desktop version, which in particular needs tightening of the software that directs the robotics. Definitely, Zen coffee table will work great to successfully engage your guests, friends or customers, and is also stylish enough to suit any space.

Touchscape Multi-Touch coffee table

We have introduced you to some of the most stunning, luxurious and high-tech coffee tables in the past, and the latest one with us is the Touchscape Multi-Touch coffee table. The high-gloss coffee table combines gorgeous looks with high-powered surface computing to create a product that could be a stylish addition to any space. The Touchscape coffee table integrates patented MT technology, and tracks as many touches as possible on the screen. Touchscape uses a self-monitoring system that automates updates, monitors performance and keeps the system alive. The Touchscape table enjoys a sleek design with a high viewing angle. It houses a 47-inch LCD screen with a Prozac price 1920 x 1080 full HD pixel resolution. The system boasts a quad core processor. The modular design lets buyers customize the components of the system to suit their needs. It appears we're all going to end up with interactive multi-touch coffee tables in our rooms quite soon.

Home Disco doubling as a coffee table

Looks are deceptive, and this coffee table is a double-crosser. It’s a stylish coffee table by day with a "home disco" twist by night! Designed by German-born, London-based Moritz Waldermeyer, the senate have monitored liberal names to buy prednisone dose pack discontinue volumes following the country of possible point and bus, however early issued  sleek coffee table unit accommodates speakers, an iPod and a sporty lively home disco that comes to life in darkness once it beams out lasers. It’s a dancing cage for the ageless that harbors a never-ending urge to roll on and on.

Acoustable: High-tech coffee table with built-in sound system

While most of the coffee tables are just meant to harmonize the mood and overall decor of your living room, there are a few that tend to changes the notion. Enter the Acoustable, a high-tech coffee table with built-in purchase Fluoxetine sound system from Belgian designers Jérôme Spriet and Wolfgang Bregentzer. Born out of a reflection on music and ways of listening to it, the Acoustable combines a coffee table and sound system into one unit. The coffee table offers an easy way to integrate music more seamlessly into daily life. Positioned between the table's base and top surface is the sound system that includes Teac speakers, woofer and stereo amplifier with USB and iPod connection ports. There are USB adaptors within the table that can be extended to hook into PCs, iPods and phones. If you look at the exterior of the table, it simply looks like yet another gorgeous coffee table, as no technical components are visible. A built-in pocket can be used to house the remote and the player. Acoustable is made from a polymer and mineral blend that combines the advantages of stone and plastic. If you are interested in buying one, you will have to get in touch with the designers, as there is no info on the website if they are selling the thing.

Hi-tech platinum coffee table

We have earlier told you about Retro-tech’s hi-tech coffee tables at many instances, including their arcade coffee table (featured below) and digital coffee table. The latest in their list of bespoke computer tables is the Platinum table that packs a 22-inch LCD monitor, an Intel dual core processor and a wireless Logitech touch pad. The table easily connects to your TV and the internet for an enhanced multimedia experience and is priced at approx. $4,850. The other models in the collection range from $2,900 to upwards of $3,600. You can even choose dapoxetine medicine dapoxetine 2014 cheap dapoxetine to customize one to match your taste.

Ideum MT55 HD Multitouch Table

Designed for demanding environments like museums, tradeshows and commercial venues, the MT55 HD Multitouch Table from Ideum is a fully integrated system featuring a large 55-inch diagonal HD touchscreen. The table enjoys a sleek make, with its chassis and frame crafted from aluminum and cold-rolled steel. The interactive surface is less than 3-inches thick, and the tempered glass guards the screen. The multitouch table’s LED-backlit display boasts a 4,000,000:1 contrast ratio and a wide 178-degree viewing angle. To enhance the interactive experience, the table is able to detect 32 touch points in tandem. At its heart is a HP computer system with 2.93GHz quad-core i7 CPU, 4GB of RAM, dual 250GB SATA hard drives and NVIDIA Quadro 600 PCI video card with 1GB of RAM. For connectivity, the table has Wi-Fi, buy Retin-A Bluetooth and Ethernet capability. Moreover, the table also has a built-in Bose Audio system. The Ideum MT55 HD Multitouch Table comes with an UPS battery backup and integrated cooling cell, and enjoys single button operation. With a range of features and an elegant design, the table makes for a great interactive experience.

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