Top 10 Hottest and Most Wealthy Male CEO’s
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Top 10 Hottest and Most Wealthy Male CEO’s

Top 10 Hottest and Most Wealthy Male CEO’s

What could be more sexy that a hot guy with a boat load of money. If you are looking for that unique combination in a guy, what better place to start than the top 10 hottest and most wealthy male CEO’s list. This list is unique combination of brains and beauty, all wrapped up into some eye candy that also has tremendous power. Take a look at this impressive list of sexy CEO’s and see how they measure up with their competition.

10. Andy Dunn – $1.2 Million Yearly Salary
The CEO of Bonobos, Andy Dunn is a 34 year old business school graduate who took over the reigns and has seen steady growth since. With new retail shops opening at a faster rate each year, he is poised to move up this list by next year.

9. Chris Salgardo – $2 Million Yearly Salary
With his thick fuzzy beard, Chris Salgardo is both handsome and filthy rich. At 40 years old, he is currently the CEO of Kiehl’s, a high end cosmetics company.

8. Stephan Winkelmann – $2 Million Yearly Salary
The CEO of Lamborghini is only 48 years old, but definitely draws attention when he enters a room. This Berlin born sexy CEO also spent time as a paratrooper for the German army. He dresses like the car models in his company catalog, and could easily be mistaken for one.

7. Ralph Gilles – $10 Million Net Worth
As the CEO of SRT Motorsports, 43 year old Ralph Gilles couldn’t be a better fit for this company. His rugged good looks allow him to easily mingle with some of the biggest celebrities in the world like Dwayne Johnson and Vin Diesel. As the head of the Chrysler racing division, he is the perfect blend of good looks and street smarts.

6. Jeremy Stoppelman – $111 Million Net Worth
35 year old Jeremy Stoppelman is the CEO of Yelp. Interested in both business and tech, he was able to transform how companies are rated on the internet with his widely popular Yelp website.

5. Jeff Weiner – $200 Million Net Worth
When Jeff joined the LinkedIn company, it only had 33 million subscribers. Today the company has more than 225 million members and growing. At 43 years old, Jeff is one of the sexiest young CEO’s on the list.

4. Daymond John – $250 Million Net Worth
What more can you say about the founder and CEO of FUBU? Daymond John is a sexy CEO that loves to be in front of the camera on the widely successful TV series Shark Tank. FUBU has racked up over 4 billion is sales since John launched it.

3. Ben Lerer – $1.6 Billion Net Worth
Ben Lerer is the CEO of the Thrillist Media Group, one of the leading lifestyle websites for urban men. At 31 years old, Ben not only wears the CEO hat, he does spend time as the programmer, salesperson, founder, and even editor. Sexy and smart, a few of the reasons he is on the top 10 hottest and most wealthy male CEO’s list.

2. Richard Branson – $5 Billion Net Worth
As CEO of Virgin, 63 year old Richard Branson is the poster boy for rugged good looks, brains, and plenty of muscle. He currently is the founder of over 400 different companies. This self-made billionaire promises that he will donate half of his money to philanthropic causes.

1. Elon Musk – $11 Billion Net Worth
Tesla continues to grow each year by leaps and bounds, no doubt a huge result of the work of Elon Musk. With plans to build the first driverless automobile, we should be seeing plenty more of Elon in the future.

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