Luxury island holiday spots of the rich and famous
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Luxury island holiday spots of the rich and famous

Luxury island holiday spots of the rich and famous

We have earlier told you about the private islands of the super-rich, who have either bought one for personal vacationing, or simply rent it out for luxury vacationers who have the cash, and the taste for it. Out of these islands, there are some which are known worldwide for the rich experience they provide for the vacationers with, and hence continue to purchase Sildenafil be a hotspot for those who are in the limelight, and are known for their too. This list comprises of our top pickings of these private islands of the super rich:

Top 10 Island holidays of the super rich and famous

1) Mustique Island

The Mustique Island

Celebrity visitors: Kate Middleton and family.

Located in the world’s most favorite beach vacation zone, the eastern Caribbean, the Mustique came into the limelight recently for being the vacationing spot for the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton. She apparently went with her family members and spent around $23,346 a day to unwind on the island, though with much discomfort to the other vacationers there. However, the island by itself is known to be a place of minimalistic but high-end accommodations and a partially rocky terrain. The Aurora Villa which Her Highness had rented for herself, had Valtrex cheap 2 double rooms and suite, along with a swimming pool adjoining the other cottage called Jasmine. There are 80 other such villas on the island. The open air views along the semi-mountain like terrain offered plenty more to do on the island, which is known to have extensive natural endowments, apart from socializing areas like the Macaroni Bay, Cotton House Beach café, and Geliceaux Bay. Main activities would include scuba diving, horse riding, tennis, and exotic spa treatments.

2) Fregate Island, Seychelles

The Fregate Island

Celebrity visitors: Bill Gates, Kate Middleton & Prince William, Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

Located in the Seychelles group of Islands, 1,000 miles from the coast of African nation, Kenya, this private island is also known to be a hotspot for the famous and uber-rich vacationers, for its environmentally friendly conditions, 7 fine sand beaches, apart from the rich blue waters and lush green vegetation. The convenient location also makes it easily accessible from major capitals around the world by air, apart from Kenya itself. For the environmentally conscious vacationers, there are 16 luxury villas purchase Prozac with exotic art and fabrication donning all parts of these properties. Activities on the island are centered around water sports, including swimming, snorkeling, deep sea diving, and even cruising on the yachts and dinghies along the sea coasts. For those who like to regain some freshness, the Rock Spa is always at one’s disposal. For gastronomical needs, one’s own villa is where in-room dining goes underway, where as the Plantation House, and hillside dining room are there for some gourmet dining in a social sphere.

3) Turtle Island, Fiji

The Turtle Island

Celebrity visitors: Kevin Ferderline and Britney Spears. Also Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson

Turtle Island, Fiji is supposedly one of the best highlights of a Fijian holiday, if anyone is planning one in those parts of the world. This particular island is famous for being the classic honeymoon spot, simply for the romantic ambience around it. So much so, Britney Spears and her then husband, Kevin Ferderline went for their honeymoon on this island. The other claim to fame for this island is the ‘Blue Lagoon’ movie which starred Brook Shields in the 1980’s, and used the pristine dense blue under-water views in many of its shots. What this island also promises, are the Fijian wedding 22 hours ago - dapoxetine online in us rating summary. 11.1/15 average rating. based on 4617 ratings. buy dapoxetine visa; fluoxetine capsules india; how  ceremonies and French Champagne gourmet picnics, dinners by the sea-side, horse-riding at dawn, apart from sensual Fijian massages.

4) Bora Bora Island, French Polynesia

The Bora-Bora Island

Celebrity visitors: Kardashian sisters, Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban, Vince Vaughan

If one really gets down to listing celebs that have been here on the island, the list would be too long to fit in here, almost. Known as the most beautiful island is the world; it is actually a part of the famous French Polynesian group of 118 islands which are known for their pristine oceanic views, beaches, and most importantly privacy in the ambience. Just an hour’s flight from Tahiti, and also accessible by sea, this island is what every water-bird vacationer would have wanted: cute little cabana huts, great beaches where one could sun bathe, deep blue waters full of aquatic beauty which can seen through scuba diving, and more. Also, there are some high-end lodging establishments on the island where some of the best spas in the world operate, do the barn dance, and kicking up their heels as cheap atarax hence being ideal for rejuvenating oneself of everyday worries and emerging a new person, almost.

5) Anguilla Island

The Anguilla Island

Celebrity visitors: Paris Hilton, Jay-Z, Beyonce,

Celebrity visitors: Charlie Chaplin, D.W.Griffith, Joan Crawford, Clark Gable, Norma Shearer

Set near mainland South California, this Pacific Island is known to have a long history of invasions, foreign occupation, but at the same time, a hotspot for many big names in the world of cinema and filming, some of whose names are mentioned above. Some glimpses of the political history can be elaborated by instances like the Spanish discovery in 1542, occupation by Otter hunters, invasions by Yankee and English smugglers, buy fluoxetine online, fluoxetine prices usa , buy prozac online usa. receipt of the Mexican land grant, apart from military occupations during war, ranching and mining. Never the less, it has still managed to remain a classic Pacific vacation island for the rich and famous. Comfortably reachable by sea or air, this island is known for its hospitable people, and ambience one might find in small towns, though the island might be far bigger in size. Mountain biking, sea surfing, scuba diving, fishing, sightseeing and swimming are just some of the activities to indulge in. The island gets especially busy around the time when the well known Santa Catalina Film Festival is held, when the who-is-who of the movie world descend upon this land.

7) St. Barth's Island

The St.Barth's Island

Celebrity visitors: Roman Abramovich, Simon Cowell, Chris Hemsworth, Matt Damon, Elsa Pataky, Tamara Mellon, Gary Lineker

This Carribean Island, originally named St. Barthelemy’s, remains a hotspot order online at usa pharmacy! buy zoloft online australia. next day delivery, cvs cost of zoloft. not just for vacationing, but for its rather high end real estate bought over by oligarchs such as

Celebrity visitors: Mark Palmer

Located in Malay Peninsula in the Andaman Sea, near Thailand, this place is known to be every sleepy vacationers dream spot, simply for the relaxed ambience it has. With a population of barely 3,000, this island is known for its traditional Thai architecture using bamboo and thatch roofs, exotic oriental spa treatments, dense greenery, and of course the beach and its related water sporting activities. A little over an hour in journey, and one can easily reach the shores of the island by sea and air, because of its central location near the Phang Nga Bay near Thailand. The main attraction for complete indulgence on the island is the Six Senses Resort, but one can experience exotic accommodation at the various smaller villas, apart from indulging in local delicacies at the various dapoxetine review ed medications over the counter. dapoxetine review, where to buy dapoxetine online of albuginea five acquire generic viagra cialis bars and eateries on the island.

9) Necker Island

The Necker Island

Celebrity visitors: Sir Richard Branson, Mel Gibson, Oprah Winfrey, Steven Spielberg, Michael Douglas, Larry Page, Sergey Brin, Mariah Carey, Jay-Z, and Beyonce

One of the crowning jewels of the British Virgin Islands and the private property of Virgin head honcho, Sir Richard Branson, this island has been a regular vacationing spot for the known and moneyed like those mentioned above. Though recently it was in the news for being engulfed in a fire accident, but all seems to calm now and it’s back to its former glory. Luxurious accommodation options include the Great House on Devil’s Hill, or the Bali Houses. Some of the indulgences on the 74-acre island would include water skiing, kite surfing, sailing, kayaking, apart from exploring the underwater world in the Aero submarine. Also there is the Bali Leha Spa, along with the fully equipped gymnasium at the Great House.

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