Top 10 Jeremy Clarkson’s Moments on Top Gear
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Top 10 Jeremy Clarkson’s Moments on Top Gear

Top 10 Jeremy Clarkson’s Moments on Top Gear

The things are now clear for Jeremy Clarkson and BBC. As you may have read, the British presenter has been fired from BBC due to a “fracas” with a Top Gear producer. After 13 years, Clarkson is now available on the market and we are pretty sure that he and his colleagues will start a new TV or YouTube automotive show. Until then we have decided to deliver a top 10 with the best moments from Top Gear.

In recent videos, James May and Richard Hammond have suggested that they won’t sign a new deal with BBC. James May said that they have signed for the “whole package” while Hammond twitted that this is “the end of an era”. Even though Jeremy Clarkson’s fans have signed a petition called Bring Back Clarkson, the BBC has decided to fire him. The 1 million signatures have arrived at the BBC headquarters in a tank with a friendly Stig on top of it.

All we have to do now is wait and see what the trio will do, but I think we have spent a lot of time telling you the short story long about Jeremy Clarkson’s fracas. We suggest you grab a pack of popcorn and relax because you’re about to see the top 10 Jeremy Clarkson’s moments on Top Gear. Enjoy the videos and don’t forget to share the article with your friends. We think every petrol head must see this again and again because we won’t have the chance to laugh out loud when the Orangutan.

10. The Unbreakable Toyota Hilux

In the video below, Jezza will try to kill a Toyota Hilux. He decided to destroy the car in the most unorthodox ways, but the Hilux managed to stay alive. He left the car under water for a couple of hours, he put the car on top of the building that was detonated but the Hilux remained alive. He tried everything but he couldn’t destroy that Japanese piece of machinery. If you want to see the whole thing you should know that this material was published on the season 3, episode 5. P.S. After Clarkson was fired, Toyota has delivered a special material with Jezza and all the Toyotas tested in the Top Gear TV show over the years. This was a really great gift for us and, of course, for Jeremy Clarkson.

09. The London Cyclists

In the Top Gear season 21, episode 5, Jeremy Clarkson and James May have decided to shoot a public information film to promote safer cycling. But, as you already know, they have failed. In order to understand the cycling, the British presenters have decided to get out on the London streets on bicycles. Well, after Jezza had some troubles with his “Crown Jewelries” he bought himself a special cream. But everything got worse. At the end, Clarkson has decided that the most terrific machinery for a cyclist is the London Double Decker. The bus drivers think that they are the king of the roads and the driving rules don’t apply to them. As a result, Clarkson want to shut down the public transportation in order to reduce the CO2 emissions. Sounds pretty interesting, huh? Enjoy the video because it is one of the greatest.

08. Motorcycling Vietnam Experience

In the Top Gear Series 12, the special episode was filmed in Vietnam. After our guys have received a symbolic amount of money they bought themselves three used bikes to get to the Ancient Capital of Hue. But there was a small problem because Jeremy Clarkson never rode a bike and his Vespa was pretty stubborn for his skills. But Jeremy began to enjoy his scooter while Richard became pretty pissed off when Jezza and Captain Slow decide to give his lovely bike a pink makeover. Another interesting part was the bike driving license. Clarkson managed to past the knowledge test but he was unable to past the practice one.

07. The Polar Expedition Training

In the Top Gear Polar Special, Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond have developed a race between a modified Toyota Hilux and a dog pack. But before the race, all three have to undergo some survival training preparation. Their trainer was an ex-special forces who has no mercy for whiners. At the training lessons, they have learned how to sky, how to raise a tent and how to survive if they will fall into the freezing waters. In the latest test, Jeremy Clarkson was the test dummy. Enjoy this unique video because this was one of the greatest races prepared by Top Gear and its three “wise” men.

06. P45 baby

Clarkson is a trend setter but also an inventor. In one of the Top Gear episodes, the British presenter drove the Peel P50, the smallest car in the world. But that was not enough for Jeremy, because he thought he could built a smaller model. And this happened a few episodes later when Clarkson brought his new friend. Its name, the P45, a one seated car that will make you look ridiculous even if you will drive it at the Arctic Circle next to the polar bears and other scary animals. The P45 had a steering wheel, an acceleration, a braking system and a built-in helmet that will turn you into an XVIII century Robocop.

05. The Ariel Atom Test

In the Top Gear season 5, Jeremy has decided to show us that a car can provide more fun than a motorcycle. To prove us that he isn’t wrong, he got on the track with the Ariel Atom. But as you already know, the Atom doesn’t have windscreen and you definitely need a helmet to properly drive that circuit car. Well, Jezza didn’t want to wear a helmet and speeding around the track made his face look pretty funny. We had a lot of laughs after re watching this episode. Hope you will enjoy it too.

04. The Polar Special episode

As you already know, the Polar Special episode was one of the most ambitious challenges for Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond. In the race they attempt to reach from Northern Canada to the North Pole. We are talking about a 450 mile journey on the white vast. The terrain is one of the toughest on earth and it featured mountains and sea ice. Jeremy and James had to travel with a special developed Toyota Hilux while Richard traveled on a sled pulled by a team of ten huskies. Probably the most interesting option on the car was the toilet. See the video and you will agree with us.

03. The USA trip

Over the years, the Top Gear team visited twice the USA. The video below is about their first “expedition” on the North American continent. After they bought some old cars, they had to face some rough challenges. One of the toughest was the “Survival Challenge in Alabama” and in our opinion this was the scariest challenge they ever faced in the history of the BBC show. All they had to do was drive through Alabama with offensive slogans written on their cars and try not to get killed. On the highway the things were pretty tense but the boiling point was reached at a gas station. Here, the owner of the business decides to call his boys, to teach these guys a free lesson with some guns.

02. Bridge over the river Kwai

On the season 21 special episode, the three guys have faced another interesting challenge. They had to buy three lorries, drive to Burma and build a bridge over the river Kwai. After facing the uneducated driving in the lower countries, our three wise man attended to a local party. Jeremy Clarkson couldn’t find any drugs in the local harvest while James May lorry had lots of mechanical problems. After reaching their destination, the river Kwai, they had to build a bridge and in order to complete the task they had to cross it with their massive lorries. Fortunately they managed to build the bridge with some local help, but when the construction reached half of the progress, they realized they were building on the wrong river. As a result, the mission was named the Bridge over the river Kok.

1. The Reliant Robin Test-Drive

In 2010, Jeremy Clarkson takes on the unbelievable, the astonishing, the awesome Reliant Robin to the streets of Barnsley. But the three-wheeler is a rubbish and Clarkson knows it. This is why he decided to take some extra wheels (stabilizers) on the side of the in order to stop the rolling over phenomenon. But that wasn’t helpful at all and the poor little Reliant Robin ended under the water. This is probably why there are not any three-wheeled cars in the world. Don’t forget to share if you enjoyed our top

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