Top 10 luxury speakers everyone can’t afford
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Top 10 luxury speakers everyone can’t afford

Top 10 luxury speakers everyone can’t afford
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I have always loved to own those gorgeous Grand Enigma speakers but I think I need to earn some more bucks to make that possible and I doubt those 'small bucks' might not take whole of my life...Lolz. We've been playing a little game lately to see how high speaker prices would go. Hats off to those crazy uber-rich audiophiles out there who don't even think once to spend all their hard-earned money on a single set of speakers! Luxury speakers are not just a means of listening to music but a style statement too. Come, check out some of the most innovatively designed, glossy, alluring, and yes, heftily-priced speakers.
10. The Ivy Reference
ivy 48
Manufacturer: Eggleston Works Price: US $100,000 The Ivy speakers are an upshot of tremendous research at Eggleston Works. The 358kg speakers are made specifically to generate almost unlimited dynamics and SPL's through the most neutral and transparent technique feasible. The speakers come equipped with nine 12-inch woofers loaded in three parallel chambers and there are a total of 23 drivers per channel (aka "an Andra on steroids"). Black Italian granite has been used in the making and the base of the speakers feature specially designed castors.
9. KEF's Ross Lovegrove-designed MUON speakers
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Manufacturer: KEF Price: US $130,000 Another treat for the uber-rich audiophiles! The order Prozac MUON has been carved from super-formed aluminum and malleable sheets of heated aluminum that bless it with an inimitable shape. The 7-feet tall beautifully crafted four-way speaker system are technically quite sound with the powerful bass drivers, upper mid-range and treble. They have managed to double the available volume proficiently by adsorbing air molecules by activated carbon, thanks to the Acoustic Compliance Enhancement (ACE) technology. Hey, you know very well that such high quality, such a beautifully designed set of speakers won't come cheap.
8. Cabesse La Sphere Speakers
lasphere1 48
Manufacturer: Cabesse Price: US $150,000 If you think that the pictured above is some kind of colossal eyeball webcam, you are mistaken. It's in actual the 'La Sphere Brand Viagra without prescription 'speaker from Cabesse that is designed to create unique ambiences for interior spaces and enhance acoustics of the spaces like theater rooms. The spherical corral is intended to help eliminate standing waves and create a more rounded sound. The four-way co-axial speaker claims to offer unrivalled technical and musical specifications in a compacter volume than all other ultimate systems. I am not sure whether this inimitable design really throws out good sound but the price tag would optimistically do full justice with the sound quality too.
7. Grand Exquisite
grand exquisite 48
Manufacturer: Kharma Price: US $220,000 Kharma is now a pioneer in luxury speakers with its Grand Enigma. Earlier, they had Grand Exquisite, which included two 30 mm and one 20 mm Kharma/Thiel diamond tweeters, two ceramic midrange-units and two Nomex-Kevlar subwoofer units within a gigantic multilayer wooden cabinet. To achieve the perfect acoustics, the top-notch Kharma technologies have been used along with the pure silver-gold wiring and materials like high pressure laminate and aluminum.
6. Ultimate
magico ultimate 48
Manufacturer: Magico Price: $229,000 The MAGICO Ultimate loudspeaker is no doubt progression in the state-of-the-art in music reproduction. The 5-way four horn speaker system comprises four Japanese ALE compression drivers and a 15" Aura monster woofer. The engineering work of art for the Ultimate marks new standards in contemporary loudspeaker design. The nominal; independence for compression drivers is 8 ohms while its is 4 ohms for the woofer. The Ultimate speakers weigh approximately 800 lbs.
gaudi mk ii 48
Manufacturer: German Physik Price: $250,000 Wow! So dazzling! They look to be something out of the gaming world. The buy methotrexate Gaudi MK II speakers come with either a Titanium DDD driver or a Carbon DDD driver. The performance delivered by the speakers compensate quite well for that hefty price tag. Each breakfront features company's own four DDD drivers complemented by eight 6-inch metal cones for the mid bass and four 12-inch honeycomb flat cone drivers for sub woofers. The most notable features of the Gaudi is the inclusion of DDD driver, which offers true listening experience no matter where you are seated in the room. The Gaudi can also be ordered in a range of hand matched, delicately figured hardwood veneers, hand finished to a high gloss. buy cheap lioresal, order lioresal online, lioresal intrathecal, buy cheap baclofen , generic baclofen , baclofen price , baclofen tablets.
4. Epilogue Full System
epilogue full system 48
Manufacturer: Goldmund Price: $268,000 Pretty interesting! Goldmund claims that the modularity will allow the users to upgrade the Epilogue up to the latest state of the art without the usually costly process of trading-in the precedent version. The Epilogue Full System touts a metallic enclosure that allows unparalleled rigidity to the audio device. Seals in neoprene between all adjacent parts account for the air tightness without aging degradation. The Epilogue 3, which is the Sub-Bass unit of the Epilogue system, features a built-in amplifier of the Mimesis range with a maximum of 650 watts power. The tremendous speed of the Epilogue woofers make for the much tighter, airy sound to grave frequencies, even at intense levels.
3. Sphaeron Excalibur
sphaeron excalibur 48
Manufacturer: 23 apr 2009 ... leonard brilliantly weaves the stories of the heartland's settlers at the turn of the century into our hearts and minds, online buy zyban without a ... Acapella Audio Arts Price: $325,000 ACAPELLA products are unique combinations of design, function and engineering. The ACAPELLA Sphaeron Excalibur speakers are the speakers with horns. Made of the established Sphaeron, the Exacalibur fits into a room boasting a minimum size of 40m
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