Top 10 Most Popular Children Books
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Top 10 Most Popular Children Books

Top 10 Most Popular Children Books

It’s a well-known and widely accepted fact that parents should regularly read books to their children from as early an age as possible. It’s even recommended to ready books to unborn babies when the mother is in the advanced stages of pregnancy, since it has been scientifically proven that doing so help develops the child’s personality and attention span. With the abundance of excellent authors nowadays, looking for enjoyable yet lesson-filled books is not as hard as it was before. Here is the list of the best children’s books.


The Wizard of Oz

The Wizard of Oz

By L. Frank Baum.

A true classic that has everything; wonderful characters, adventure and a good story line, this book tells a story of Dorothy and her Toto (her dog). The two find themselves in ‘Land of Oz’ after their own home is swept off by tornado . They meet Scare-crow, Tin Wood-man, and a Lion while heading to ‘Emerald City’ to see the Wizard of Oz.

This is an amazing transition book for children 5-8 years who love picture books. The book has some illustrations, and the story-line is very simple to comprehend. You can split the book into parts while reading for your child.


Pat the Bunny


By Dorothy Kunhardt.

Toddlers will truly giggle with this colorful interactive book that can be touched, sniffed and explored. Each page of the book require your child to touch a certain material and this helps her associate the sensation to something she can relate with. For example, a page made of sand paper will remind the child of her father’s face, another page will have a mirror and so much more. The book was written on an experimental basis in 1940, and ever this it has become very popular. Two sequels namely Pat the Cat and Pat the Dog made the book very successful.


Harry Potter and Sorcerer’s Stone


By, J.K Rowling.

If you have been living in this planet for the last 15 years, then you’ve definitely heard of scrawny Harry Potter and his fantasy world of all the witches & wizards at Hogwarts. Neglected as a child thanks to his mean aunt and uncle, Potter realizes he is a wizard when he turns 11. He has to join the school of ‘witchcraft and wizardry. The whole Harry Potter series offers an amazing escape for both you and your child into the fantasy world full of fun and adventure. Get this book and read it aloud.




By Ronald Dahl.

Matilda is the fascinating story of a genius girl who loves books and has great telekinetic powers. Her dim-witted parents can’t see her potential and it’s only when she joins school that Miss Honey sees her amazing abilities. However, Miss Trunchbull, the school headmistress makes things hard for Matilda. The captivating story about how she deals with troublesome adults makes this a must read.


Little Prince

little prince

By Antoine de Saint-Exupery.

Ideal for 8-12 years, this is one among the most popular works by Antoine. The book was initially published in French language in the year 1943. Since then, The Little Prince is translated into about 250 languages, and is so far one among the most famous children’s book of all time’. It’s a story of one pilot stranded in the desert where he finds a boy (Little Prince) who has came to Earth from small asteroid.

This simple story about love and loneliness is written in a very beautiful prose style making this classic worth to read to every child. The innocent and enduring ‘Little Prince’ tugs at your child’s heart-strings, and makes him even more curious.


The Cat in the Hat

cat in the hat

By Dr. Seuss.

Who hasn’t read ‘The Cat in Hat’, one among the most popular of a Dr. Seuss’ children’s books? It’s a great and engaging tale about 2 kids who find themselves alone with a hat-wearing-cat who causes havoc when the mother is away.

The 1st edition of this book was published in the year 1957 and become a great success. It’s still read by kids world wide today. This book has become a treasured children story and has its popularity for more than 5 decades. This popularity has been boosted further by release of major motion picture in 2003. Over course of Dr. Seuss’ career, he wrote more than 60 books and went ahead to become one among the most popular children’s authors of all time’. Due to its unending popularity, and the large amount of material available, this book and other Dr. Seuss books have sold more than 222 million copies and translated into over 15 languages.


Goodnight Moon

goodnight moon

By Margaret Wise Brown.

This is another all-time favorite book for babies. Released in 1947, this is a simple poem about a bunny saying goodnight to various subjects around him in his room. The detailed illustrations will teach your child to look around and observe objects more carefully. The colors and the rhythm of the poem will also appeal to small babies. This is wonderful book to read to your child just before putting her to bed.


Charlotte’s Web

charlottes web

By E.B White.

Ideal for kids between 8 and 12 years, Charlotte’s Web is a story of friendship together with hardships. This is a story of one pig named Wilbur and clever, friendly spider called Charlotte. Wilber, has to be slaughtered. Fern, an 8-year old brave girls saves him and even adopts him. However, the pig is separated from Fern and set to a farm. In the farm, Wilbur becomes friends with a spider called Charlotte.

Considered one among the best children’s book of all time’, Charlotte’s Web is a sweet story of affection, friendship and pain associated with a separation’.The characters are all well-drawn and very enduring. It may be kid’s book, but Charlotte’s Web can fascinate even the adults.


Very Hungry Caterpillar

very hungry caterpillar


By Eric Carle.

There is something about caterpillars which make them very interesting – their magical transformation. This book vividly chronicles how a caterpillar finally finds himself in the body of a captivating butterfly. The illustrations are what makes the book an excellent choice for small kids.

This is one among the most popular baby books around, and has sold more than 30 million copies. It has also won numerous awards. This book is great for introducing small babies to the concept of numbers, objects, shapes and colors.


Where Wild Things Are

where wild things are

By Maurice Sendak

The winner of 1964 Caldecott Medal as ‘Most Distinguished Picture-Book of the Year’ and a favorite over the last 5 decades, ‘Where Wild Things Are’ is story of a boy called Max. Due to his mischievous acts; Max goes to bed without any dinner. Just when he thinks things are boring, a forest appears in his own room. In the forest he meets and becomes a friend with monsters. A great story about the realistic & fun character, this is something that imaginative children can totally relate to.

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