Top 10 weird celebrity items that went up for auction/sale
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Top 10 weird celebrity items that went up for auction/sale

Top 10 weird celebrity items that went up for auction/sale

Have you ever wondered about some of the strangest things that went up for sale or auction on websites you probably use from time to time? People love to sell all kinds of weird stuff on the internet, but you’re certainly not prepared for some of the ones we’re going to reveal to you very soon. Just remember that as hard as it may be to believe, these are real auctions of items that went up for sale and amazingly, found a buyer! So with no further ado, let’s take a closer look at the top the weird celebrity items that went up for auction/sale!

10. Brad and Angelina Jolie’s breath in a jar

When the movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith premiered and the famous couple was walking down the red carpet, a fan was waiting for them holding a pen in his hand, but also (strangely) an empty jar. Since he didn’t have a piece of paper to at least get an autograph, he thought that it would be better if he could ask them to breathe in the jar. Brad and Angelina obliged and the ecstatic fan went on to sell it online. Did he find a buyer? Strangely enough, he did and it seems that the jar sold for 530 dollars. What???

9. J.D. Salenger’s toilet

J.D. Salenger is known for the amazing books he published over the years, with the most acclaimed one being The Catcher in the Rye. The author actually loved to live alone and for more than fifty years he led a very private life. However, it seems that after he died his home was broken into by a collectibles dealer who stole his toilet and then auctioned it off on eBay. The price he asked for it? One million freaking dollars! He went on to mention in the listing that the toilet was original, was not cleaned and dated back to ’62. To make this an even more attractive deal, he also stirred up buyers’ interest by saying the offer includes a letter of authenticity, too. This guy is a master honeypotter!

8. Dented ping ball pertaining to Will Wheaton

Will Wheaton has played as a child in the worldwide acclaimed movie Star Trek and everyone loved the fact that not only did he play his role very well, but it fit him perfectly due to the fact he was also a nerd. One day though, Will decided to get rid of all the strange stuff he owned and went on to auction it off on eBay. One of the items he was selling was as dented ping pong ball which was given the nickname Silas. Don’t be surprised to find out that he actually managed to sell it to a woman who said that interacting with him was a total pleasure and he loves him very much. As for the price, it sold for 1135 dollars!
7. The blood of late president Ronald Reagan

When the owner finally decided to summon the courage and put the blood vial of late President Reagan up for sale on eBay, it caused quite a stir. In the description, he mentioned that the blood was taken from Reagan when he was in the hospital after the failed attempt to assassinate him in nineteen eighty one. While the bidding reached ten thousand dollars, it seems that the scandal it caused in the mass media brought him a lot of trouble and that is why the blood vial was eventually donated to the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation.

6. A half eaten toast from one of One Direction’s members

One Direction certainly gets a lot of love from their fans, but there’s this one strange happening where Niall Horan was with his band members in Australia and he was asked to try a slice of toast with Vegemite. After he took a bite, he immediate spat it out. What happened to the other half? Well, it was sold to one of his fans for… (make sure you’re seated) 99000 dollars! Wow, just wow!

5. A used tissue from Scarlett Johansson

Everyone can agree that Scarlett Johansson is a very beautiful woman, but when you blow your nose on the Tonight Show, that sexiness suddenly starts to pale. While that alone may not sound too strange, what would you say if we were to tell you the handkerchief she used to blow her nose went up for sale online? Not only that, but someone actually paid 5300 dollars for it! Can you imagine that? Luckily (if luck would actually have anything to do with this), the money was donated to charity.

4. A pair of monogrammed panties belonging to Queen Elizabeth II

While the Queen seems to generally do a great job at keeping her private life away from the public eyes, she has gotten her knickers in a twist when it was discovered that a pair of silky bloomers that were allegedly hers were put up for sale online. It seems that the panties were left over in a private plane in nineteen sixty eight and were given to a rich baron. When he died in 2010, the panties were auctioned off online. While the Queen refused to comment on this, the panties did have the letter E engraved on them and they sold for 18101 dollars.

3. The Chest X-Rays of Marilyn Monroe

Everyone can agree that Monroe was not only a beautiful, but also a chesty woman. In general, it seems that everything associated with her name goes on to sell for good money online and that is certainly true when it comes to her chest X-Rays. They were apparently taken in nineteen fifty for and showed her neck, shoulders, full ribcage and a silhouette of her breasts. How much did they sell for? Well, for a “mere” 45000 dollars!

2. Britney’s pregnancy test

Of course, we are talking about the “Hit it baby one more time” pop superstar, Britney Spears. While her gum went on for sale a while back for about fourteen thousand dollars on eBay, hearing the fact that someone, somehow got a hold of her pregnancy test and then found a buyer for it, is totally gross. It seems that the test was found in one of the hotel rooms she stayed at with her husband and the lucky finder managed to sell it for 5001 dollars. Talk about getting your nose in people’s stuff!

1. William Shatner’s Kidney Stone

While all the previous strange items that went for sale on auction websites were weird, wait ’til you read this one. The way it goes is that while filming an episode of Boston Legal, Shatner suddenly fell sick, passed out and also passed his kidney stone. At the same time, someone who noticed the stone took it and then put it up for sale online. Later on, the stone was returned to him and he donated the whopping 25000 dollars it received from the online auction to charity!

Well, there you have it! These are the top 10 weird celebrity items that went up for auction or sale and we can all agree that they’re pretty weird. So what do you think? Do you know of any other strange celebrity items that were auctioned off online?

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