Top 10 Weird Celebrity Plastic Surgery Transformations
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Top 10 Weird Celebrity Plastic Surgery Transformations

Top 10 Weird Celebrity Plastic Surgery Transformations

Top 10 Weird Celebrity Plastic Surgery Transformations

When a person gains celebrity status and seems to constantly be under the magnifying glass for the amusement of the rest of the world, their physical imperfections (or perception of) may be magnified as well. Often what anybody perceives is an imperfection, isn’t really noticed by those around them, but unfortunately, today’s media is not afraid to judge a person’s physical beauty. For these reasons, celebrities sometimes decide to take their hard earned money and use it to change physical attributes they do not like, so in comes the plastic surgeon. Sure, a nose tweak here and there or a little extra boost in the chest might be barely noticeable or do nothing but boost a person’s confidence, which is the point, right? However, some celebrities go a little too far..

10.Wayne Newton


Known best for his country music, Mr. Wayne Newton was a pretty normal, good looking man when he first decided to go under the knife. Post-surgery, his cheeks seemed a little too firm and his face showed no wrinkles, but looks tight. A facelift and some Botox will do this to you, maybe a brow lift too? Mr. Newton’s nose seems to be a bit narrower as well, but this could be chalked up to natural aging.

9.Farrah Abraham

Farrah gained recognition when she was pregnant teenager and starred on MTV’s reality show, 16 and Pregnant. Since the first season did so well, it seems she had a little extra jingle in her pocket. Initially, she went in for a breast augmentation, then another, then a nose job with a chin implant and cheek fillers. Thanks to social media, Farrah hasn’t been shy about the work she’s had done, but she recently gained national attention when she went in for another round of lip injections, this time permanent, but when she went under anesthesia and woke up to a 3x larger upper lip, she went straight to social media to let everyone know what happened and had to go to the hospital to get her lip back to normal! She recognized that maybe she went a little far, but rumor has it she is planning on getting her butt done next…

8.Tori Spelling


Tori Spelling was part of the cast Beverly Hills, 90210, and in the second season started getting attention for having misshaped breasts. She denied having any procedures done, although she apparently sued the doctor who did the surgery because the botched surgery was so obvious. Eventually, in 2008, she admitted to having the surgery done.

7.Scott Thompson (AKA Carrot Top)


Now here is an entertaining man, known for his humor and capability as a comedian. His stage name comes from the color of his hair and that may be one of the only things he hasn’t altered above his shoulders. Rumors have been running rapant about the specific surgeries that he has had done, but his appearance has changed so much that he definitely had SOMETHING done. For one, his freckles are almost completely gone, maybe from laser resurfacing treatment? Botox injections and brow lift surgery could account for his permanently-raised eyebrows and smooth’ skin.

6.Dolly Parton


A big name in country music, Dolly Parton has also had a couple of rolls in television. Surgically speaking, she is best known for her extra-large breast implants and fluffy platinum-blonde hair, but has gone through many plastic surgeries.Dolly is not shy about sharing her experiences and has enjoyed changing her look throughout the last 40-odd years. A direct quote from her, “If I see something sagging, dragging or bagging, I get it sucked, tucked, or plucked.”

5.Donatella Versace


The iconic designer, of the Versace brand, was almost unrecognizable after her latest surgery. She has been known to change up her look every so often, but this was dramatic. It is thought that she has just about had it all; Face lift, eyes and brow lift, Botox, fillers, lasers for her skin. While most celebrities come out looking like their face has slimmed down, it seems to be the opposite for Donatella, almost appearing swollen.

4.Pamela Anderson


Another celebrity known for her roles on television, specifically the 90’s show Baywatch. She was always an attractive young lady, but once she started gaining public attention, she decided to start changing her physical appearance. Most people remember her for her large breast implants, but she has augmented her breast size multiple times and altered her lips and face with other surgeries. A person would wonder why an already attractive person would do such a thing, but then again, there is a reason she was known as a sex symbol and I don’t think it was solely her platinum blonde hair.

3.Lil Kim


The singer Lil Kim often denies that she has had plastic surgery of any kind, but her nose has definitely taken on a different shape and her cheeks seem fuller and supported than in previous years. She almost appears unrecognizable when a current picture is paired next to an older photo.

2.Renee Zellweger


Ex-wife of popular country singer Kenny Chesney and famous for her multiple roles in film, Renee Zellweger disappeared from the public eye recently and when she return not many people recognized her! Known for her squinty’ eyes and pinched’ look of her face, all it seems to have taken to morph her into a different person was a face lift with an upper-lid surgery to open her eyes a bit more and a nose job.

1.Michael Jackson


One of the most renowned faces of the plastic surgery world, oh, and also known for his musical ability, is Michael Jackson. It all started with a simple nose job just to slim it down, but it soon grew to around 100 procedures in an attempt to alter his look and fix prior plastic surgery mistakes. From the original nose job came several more along with cheek implants, eye lids lifted, chin implants and dimple. The most talked about procedure was probably his skin-lightening one that took his chocolate skin and made it look chalk-like. Overall, when compared to pictures of himself prior to any procedures, he looked like a completely different person altogether.

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