Top 10 weird diet trends
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Top 10 weird diet trends

Top 10 weird diet trends

Throughout the years, people have tried just about anything to achieve their most ideal size. Along with a number of weight loss supplements on the market which increase in number each year, there are also many radical diets used by individuals who are looking for fast and easy weight loss results. People do it in many different ways. Some people consume alcohol, some are vegans, some are vegetarians, some drink water and some eat raw meat. In this article, we will list top 10 weird diet trends ever tried.

10. Breatharian Diet
Based on the religious concept of fasting, Breatharianism was revolutionized in 1980’s by Wiley Brooks, a renowned fitness trainer. Breatharian Diet assumes that food isn’t essential for survival, and that we can be sustained by air, sunlight, and Prana. A majority of Breatharians exist on herbal tea, sunlight, water, and air. Some people practice Breatharian Diet for several days, while others follow it faithfully. Wiley himself was not able to subsist on air and sunlight alone, and in recent times has modified his diet recommendation and urged dieters to consume Diet Coke, because it has “liquid light”.

9. Chewing Diet
At the start of the 20th century, Horace Fletcher, an American health expert introduced his philosophy to the popular culture. His program revolves around chewing food for a minimum of 32 times or more and then spit anything that didn’t break down. Fletcher claimed this diet increased strength while diminishing bulk. In fact, Fletcher claimed to have dropped 40 pounds by properly chewing whatever he ate. Of course, practicing this diet plan takes a lot of time to eat, not to mention aching jaws.

8. Diet Sunglasses
The idea here is to make your food look appetizing. Additionally, the color blue is supposed to help appease the brain’s appetite center and produce relaxing effect. At the same time, the glasses block rays of red light that tend to promote appetite. While you might look a bit odd in that kitchen or restaurant, the blue-tinted glasses will go a long way to increasing your appetite. These glasses are available through one company in Japan for $20 per pair.

7. Mono Meal Diet

Followers of this diet are restricted to one type of food a day, usually a bowl full of a particular fruit or vegetable. This regime is said to eradicate the risk of unhealthy food combinations and result in rapid weight loss. However, before giving up on burgers and pepperoni pizza, be aware that your meal of choice should be of fruit and veggies. Nutritional therapists suggest that limiting processed foods and eating whole foods is great, but consuming large quantities of one type of foods is not recommended.

6. Keto Diet

Popularized in 1920s to curb seizures, this diet is the catchphrase of diets this year. The idea here is to get the body into a process known as Ketosis where you stop burning carbs as fuel and instead burn ketones. Exercise should be done in order for this plan to be effective. Its followers are restricted to cheese, meat, nuts, and cream. According to nutritional therapists, when the body is devoid of carbohydrates to burn for fuel, it shifts to burning fat. Followers should exercise caution as side effects may include constipation and bad breath.


People who follow this diet consume just 500 calories a day and inject themselves with HCG hormone. This distinct combination results in decreased complaints of fatigue, hunger, as well as moodiness popular to other diets. The addition of HCG hormone seems to promote the burning of fat in stubborn areas. The fat breakdown can produce more 1500 calories a day so that you can go about your day without feeling hungry. The FDA has not outlawed the use of HCG for any condition apart from fertility treatments.

4. Ear Stapling

Another extreme and weird thing that dieters have resorted to so as to lose weight is ear stapling. The diet involves inserting a staple into the ear’s internal cartilage in order to target a pressure point which is responsible for suppressing appetite. The staple remains in place for anywhere from two to three months and claims to combat food cravings. While most dieters have sworn to its effectiveness, most states in the US have outlawed Ear Stapling owing to infections that it is known to trigger.

3. Cotton Ball Diet
The diet involves gobbling a few cotton balls soaked in lemonade, orange juice, or a smoothie in a single
sitting. The concept here is to feel full without adding weight. Some followers of this diet chew cotton balls before a meal in order to limit their food intake, while others survive on cotton balls only. While the cotton balls movement believes cotton balls are rich in fiber and low in calories, nutritionists warn that cotton balls intake can be perilous to your health as they contain lots of chemicals.

2. Tissue Paper Diet
Tissue papers had been a diet trend for one female celebrity and a couple of slim girls in the modeling industry who went out of their way to slim in order to fit designer clothes. Psychiatrists associated this diet with pica, a compulsion to persistently eat unhealthy substances such as dirt, metals, soaps or paints. However, people who eat tissue papers due to desperation to trim down should be distinguished with those that suffer from pica, for their intentions are distinguishable.

1. Tapeworm Diet
In early 1920s, Maria Callas, one of the world’s most popular opera singers, revolutionized this diet. Originally weighing 210 pounds, she lost a staggering 66 pounds. Her secret was a parasitic flatworm popularly known as tapeworm. Since then, fad diets such as tapeworms have gained popularity, appearing in different ads across the various advertising platforms. People who want to shed weight will consume a tapeworm in pill form with the intent of consuming whatever they crave while the tapeworms take care of the calories.

Any weight loss approach should focus on being healthy throughout. While keeping track of your diet and exercising takes a lot of effort, they are the safest ways to trim down and stay fit and healthy during your weight loss campaign.

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