Top 12 luxury submarines to plunge in oceanic world

Andrea Divirgilio / September 2, 2008

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We have already soared to newer heights with our list of luxurious aircraft interiors. Now it’s time to descend and submerge in an array of luxurious water vehicles that can take you close to the ocean floor. Care to glide along with the seals, dolphins or sea turtles or dare to tease a shark or chase a whale? Pushing aside the swanky yachts and sizeable boats, luxurious submarine are making waves in the world of the Rich and Famous. Allowing you to explore the abyssal world of marvelous depths, these underwater vehicles can take you deeper than you can imagine. Here is a list of submarines that will transport you to the spectacular, unfathomable ocean realm.

12) Stylish Personal Submersible Concepts
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Spanish designer Guillermo Sureda-Burgos has created concepts for three personal submarines that will take you on a trip down the sea anytime you want. The subs will move at a speed of around 4 to 6 knots and will seat two to three passengers. The XS100 Trio Alpha has room for three people, while the XS100 Duo Beta and XS100 Duo Delta can accommodate two.

11) AQUA submersible watercraft
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Creations like the AQUA submersible watercraft designed by Sungchul Yang and Woonghee Han from the University of Seoul would be indispensable commuters capable of sizzling on and under the water. Winning the IDEA design award for 2008, this submersible is a one-manned watercraft developed for the times ahead. Its dolphin-like shape would make it easier to trounce the waters. The design theoretically is a consequence of apt study pertaining to buoyancy control, oxygen supply and driver protection from the unrelenting water pressure.

10) Rinspeed sQuba
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The Rinspeed sQuba concept car looks to be inspired by James Bond’s Lotus Esprit, which could transform into a submarine. Amphibious vehicles are not a new concept, but what makes sQuba stand out is the fact that this car has the capacity of diving to a depth of about 33 feet. The world’s first real diving car with zero emission power is powered by an electric motor when it’s on land and once in water, the propulsion is provided by two propellers and a pair of jet drives at the push of a button. The passengers get the oxygen from a self-contained on-board air system.

9) C-Quester personal subs
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Manufactured by U-Boat Worx, the C-Quester submersibles are available in two forms, the single-occupant CQ1 and the two-man CQ2. The C-Quester can dive in all waters, regardless of depth, and it can dive to a maximum depth of 150 ft. The C-Quester can remain submerged on a full charge for 2.5 hours and it takes 12 hours to recharge.

8) Exomos submarines

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EXOMOS engineering has introduced a range of spy-inspired submarines designed by Herev Jaubert, which are designed for a range of applications, from personal use to military purposes. The Exomos submarines are designed in a variety of configurations for one or more people to use.

7) Innespace Sea Breacher Dolphin Watercraft
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The Innespace Sea Breacher is a two-seat version of the Bionic Dolphin. It uses the aircraft canopy from an F-22 Raptor to provide a panoramic view for both the pilot and passenger. There are even two smaller view ports in the floor, near the pilot’s foot controls, for increased visibility and a camera pod mounted on the snorkel that relays images of the surface to a video screen positioned in the dash. The hull of this upgraded submersible features a large snorkel, disguised as a fin, which allows for deeper dives and greater air flow capacity. Powered by an Atkins 13B rotary marine conversion engine, it delivers a maximum speed of 175 horsepower. No details on the pricing, however.

6) SEAmagine Ocean Pearl
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The Ocean Pearl submersible represents the latest state of the art technology for underwater exploration specifically designed for luxurious submerging. This two-person transparent submersible has a depth rating of 500 feet (153 m) and its transparent spherical cabin offers an unprecedented panoramic view to its occupants. The cabin opens as a clam shell and allows for easy entry and exit for the occupants. The sealed cabin is equipped with a full life support system where scrubbers remove the carbon dioxide, oxygen is replenished at a controlled flow, and the environment is monitored by various analyzers. The vessel is always positively buoyant, so should all propulsion stop, the craft will gently rise back to the surface on its own. Image

5) Aquarius
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A specialist engineering company called Subeo has created the world’s first underwater sports car called Aquarius. The submersible car can take you to a maximum depth range of 100m and it can carry the necessary life support for 74 hours. The amphibious sports car has all the components of a large submersible, including buoyancy tanks, life support systems, front and rear hydroplanes and an extremely sophisticated integrated control system. Powered by sodium/nickel chloride batteries with nine integrated thrusters and rendering a maximum speed of about 7 knots, it will set you back for a rich amount of $1,500,000!

4)Triton 1000
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U.S Submarines has developed a sub for two people. Called the Triton 1000, it is lightweight, and can function as an additional feature to your existing yacht. With excellent visibility and luxurious interiors, the pilot of the sub will have a very comfortable journey under the water. At about $1.69 million, Triton 1000 may be a little too heavy on the pockets, but you can do what no other yacht owner can do, view corals and the amazing underwater life or just have a romantic sub ride with your partner.

3) Deep Flight Super Falcon
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The two-person Deep Flight Super Falcon is a sleek, battery-powered sub with wings akin to a fighter jet. Designed to literally fly, as opposed to sink, through the world’s oceans, Super Falcon uses wings to dive when pushed through the water with 500 pounds of thrust. The brave will be happy to know it can surface vertically, like a rocket at launch. To go deeper, you push the joystick control forward, the nose angles down, and the craft descends. Powered to dive at 320 fpm and climb at 600 fpm, this deep-sea bird is estimated at $2 million-plus. Image

2) ) Hyper-Sub Submersible Powerboat
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The Hyper-Sub Submersible Powerboat is a combination boat and submarine that is supposed to go underwater. It’s capable of hitting speeds of up to 35 mph on the sea and as a sub it can go 5 mph and as far as 600 feet under water. It sports two-inch thick, iron reinforced glass to keep things safe inside during a dive. This combi version is estimated to carry a $3.5 million price tag.

1) World’s Most Luxurious Submarines
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Carrying a tag of about $78 million, the Phoenix 1000 is a 65-meter luxury submarine and is touted to be the single largest private undersea vehicle ever built. The total interior area of the submarine is modeled to be in excess of 5000 square feet and the submarine is equipped with a mini sub, for excursions at depth or bringing people to and from the ship.
The Seattle 1000 is a 118-foot-long climate-controlled luxury that boasts a central twin deck arrangement and ample space for independent staterooms, crew’s quarters and galley, living and dining areas. The Seattle will set you back for around $20 million.
Discovery 1000 is capable of diving to a maximum depth of 1000 ft with a range of 56 nautical miles and a top speed of 6 knots. It also features luxurious seating in an air conditioned atmosphere with an unimpeded view of the undersea surroundings. The Discovery 1000 is powered by a 15 KW electric motor with 2 vertical thrusters, 2 lateral thrusters and a 75 cm propeller. Luxury Private Version is tagged at $2,850,000.

As I compiled this list of subs, I realized that to run silent in deep waters is only a dream-come-true for the deep-pocketed tribe.

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