Top 12 Most Luxurious Golfing Gears to tee off in style

Andrea Divirgilio / August 7, 2008

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If you thought that Golf is a sport which only needed a putter, ball and clubs to hit it off in style then you need to run a check as time and again we have been covering luxurious golfing paraphernalia that enhances the oomph factor of this game. Touted to be a rich man’s sport, it is often wondered if the equipment makes the golfer, or is it the other way around. Of late golf has become a designer sport with ultra luxurious golfing gears surfacing to help player put a perfect shot. We have attempted to compile a list of gilt-edged golfing gears that range from diamond-studded clubs to iPod-compatible carts to pricey golf simulators to golf watches and much more.

12) Pink crystal studded GoldenPutter for Female Golfers
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The GoldenPutter is meant for the uber-rich female golfers who don’t want to compromise on anything when it comes to playing on the green! The custom-built Putter is comes with a 24ct (5µm coating thickness) hard gold-plated shaft and a head with crystal inlays (basic pink, every colour is possible). The luxurious putter combines fine craftsmanship and technical perfection. Besides the gold and crystals make the putter features leather grip in pink (also available in vast colour palette). The packaging is done in a hand crafted case of cherry wood and carries a personal engraving on the shaft or a gold plate on the Putter-Inlay if desired. The company also offers several possibilities to further personalize your GoldenPutter, with even more exclusive materials, and customized luxury details such as gems, diamonds or gold applications to make you as the most stylish player on the green. The golden putter comes for a dazzling price tag of approx. $3,900.

11) Stewart F1 Lithium golf trolley
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F1 Lithium is the latest on Bornrich for golfers seeking ultimate luxury teamed with best of the functions. Inspired to present something more superlative than the already good XR3, the company created this golf trolley with all new equipments. Collapsing to a handy size, this foldable caddy is aptly christened, as F1 stands for ‘the folding one’. Feeding on a custom made Li-Ion battery, it is capable of providing enough energy for more than 36 holes of golf. An LCD screen at the rear of the buggy displays how much battery life remains. When folded down the F1 occupies a mere third of the space of its predecessor and weights just 14kg, including the battery. It can fit into the smallest of car boots, such as the Porsche 911 and Bentley GTC. Priced at an impressive £2,500 ($5,000), the F1 Lithium will be touted as the Formula 1 (F1) of the golf world!

10) Solar powered golf cart
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Since sun is out at its best, it’s time to get out and swing those clubs. And this solar powered golf cart from Hammacher Schlemmer is willing to make your game luxuriously eco-friendly too. The vehicle’s 160W array offers up to 3 amps per hour on its 48V rechargeable battery. This will equal about 10 rounds of golf before needing another full charge. At a size of 7 3/4 x 3 3/4 x 5 3/4 ft. and a weight of 1,100 lbs., the claim is that that the array extends the life of the battery system by 60% more than other golf carts. Tagged at $9,000, you need to have a green thumb too to ride on this green golf cart.

9) Ultimate Golf Cars For the Super-Rich

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If golf is your favorite sport then add more style to your game with the ultimate golf cars that are meant for wealthy golf fanatics! Mini Hummer Europe, makes the regular golf carts passe with its licensed Hummer golf roadster, along with the other options including Buick Lucerne, Cadillac Escalade, 1957 Chevy and The Merc. The luxury golf car like this all-new mini hummer comes equipped with Sony Xplod stereo system, leather upholstery, mobile video system, flame scorched side panels, 18 inch alloy wheels and an optional extra inbuilt ball washer. And, the most appealing feature is a 12v dashboard charger which enables you to charge your mobile phone or laptop while on the move. The cars can also be used on private land, at marketing events, polo, boating and gated communities. So, if you fancy this one, then get ready to provide for its filthy rich price tag of $14,750!

8) Berlinecart Golf Carts with iPod Adapter
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Not that you don’t know about these golf carts…we did tell you about few of the fabulous models from Mini Hummer Europe, but these ones from Berlinecart features Alpine AM/FM/CD stereo (includes speakers and removable face plate), custom hard top and frame in matching color, chrome tilt steering wheel column, 15′ custom billet rims, golf bag holder, Billet Grille (Escalade Models only), fog lights and above all an iPod adapter. While the standard features include 48 volt electric club car chassis, fiberglass body, upholstered seats, drink holders, storage box (under seat) and many more. The luxury golf carts include a Cadillac Escalade (licensed by General Motors), the Smoothster by famed automotive designer Boyd Coddington, and several others. The Escalade ESV (6 Passenger) leads with $16,995 price tag and Smoothster by famed automotive designer Boyd Coddington tags in a price of $15,995.

7) LuxuryRide golf cart with optional AM/FM/CD player
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Moving over from the luxury golf carts from Mini Hummer Europe and the golf carts with iPod Adapter from Berlinecart, the LuxuryRide Cart comes in both the gas and electric versions. The standard features include new Club Car chassis, heavy-duty fiberglass chassis, custom seats, custom front grille, and 12′ aluminum sports wheel. If you want that little extra attention on the green, you can opt for the Limo hard top, custom paint, rear golf bag holder, and the AM/FM/CD Player. Complete with these optional features, this cart is definitely a departure from the boring white carts. The four passenger Electric model will set you back $22,450 while the gas version sells for $23,350.

6) Diamond-Studded Golf Ball
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Golf is considered the game of rich and sophisticated and what makes it even richer is this diamond-studded golf ball from Bernard Maquin. This golf ball is manufactured in 18 carat gold and is encrusted with black and white diamonds. The diamond golf ball is of the same size as a genuine golf ball.

5) Luxurious Diamond Studded Platinum Golf Set
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If you have enough money to spare and a burning passion for golf, then the Japanese jeweler Nagahori has produced just the thing for you! Featured above is the 500g Platinum 900 golf putter head, which is adorned with 22.35 carats white and pink diamonds, whereas the 165 Platinum 900 ball is studded with diamonds worth 25.13 carats. You can at least savor the beauty of the pieces, even if you can’t afford to buy them!

4) TaylorMade’s Limited Edition Box Set of Clubs in gold
taylormade golf set 48 51YSG 5784
TaylorMade-adidas Golf Company has introduced two very special and unique product offerings to commemorate the 2008 Games, with just 2,008 of these limited edition products available only in China and Hong Kong. They have shown a special full set of golf clubs from the r7 XR series of product, including an r7XR Driver, two Fairway Woods and an 8-piece set of irons. TaylorMade has made this entire set of clubs ‘golden,’ including the soles of the metal woods, the cavity back of the irons, the rings on the ferrules and all of the club’s shafts. Plus, inscribed on the toe of the Driver is the wording 2008 Special Edition. Also included in the set are 8-sleeves of the new TaylorMade TP Balls. The entire Limited Special Edition Set comes in a specially-made wooden box which includes a golden plaque indicating the number of the set within the limited series of 2,008. Along with the adidas Golf Limited Edition Olympic Bag, this Limited Edition Box Set of Clubs was auctioned off for about $50,000.

3) Full Swing Golf Simulator for $55,000
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With this kinda golf simulator, this luxurious sport can be enjoyed in the confines of your mansion too. For $55,000, you can put a shot on any of the world renowned courses, including Pebble Beach, Cog Hill, Oakland Hills and the Old Course at St. Andrews as it comes pre-loaded with 50 of them. Just make sure that your den is big enough to accommodate this pricey golfing toy as it needs a room that is least 13 feet wide, 20 feet long, and 10.5 feet high.

2) World’s largest Indoor Golf Arena

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Golf courses are the major reason why golf has been a wealthy man’s sport. The one day fee alone is more expensive than signing up for a whole month worth membership of tennis, especially those on elite golf clubs where fees could range up to several hundreds of dollars. An initiative of Indoor Golf Project, the Indoor Golf Arena, in the Netherlands, aims to be a golf-training center par excellence. Indoor Golf Arena is to be the world’s largest, most unique and diverse indoor golf training centre, open 365 days a year and offering high quality indoor golf training facilities. It aims to instill an interest and passion among customers about golfing. Synthetic grass, 20 state-of-the-art ProTee Golf Simulators and 28 hitting bays will be employed to provide you with the best indoor golf training. The center is equipped with a kid’s training area, bar, lounge and an up market restaurant as well. All this and more luxurious services will be rendered but of course for a threatening fee of course.

1) Expensive Black Light Mini Golf experience
black light mini golf 1333 DZHl1 5784
Only uber-rich golf buffs can afford spending over $90,000 for a 9-hole course and $140,000 for a full 18 holes experience! And all this on a theme-park golf course built in one’s basement. The sheer array of themes on offer – The Incredible Hulk, Search for Atlantis, Blackbeard’s Revenge, Haunted Mansion, Lunar Landing, Space Wars, Area 51, Tombstone Haunted Ghost Town, and Titanic among others. You’ve got to have loads of greens and passion for golf to consider such opulent options.

And here’s more to the list over and above the usual golf gears –

1) Omega’s Double Eagle Co-Axial Chronographs for the golfers
double eagle co axial chronograph 1 48 LqbsU 5784
The Omega Constellation series includes two jewelry versions of the Double Eagle Co-Axial Chronograph that had been launched to be associated with golf. The 18-carat red gold and diamond chronographs are perfect for the fellows on the hunt for a fashionable watch using the latest technology with a delicate sporting edge. Both the Double Eagle Co-Axial Jewellery Chronographs carry the legacy of the Constellation line forth with their sparkle of diamonds and the ionic claws. No doubt, these chronographs will take glamour, style and mechanical excellence to the green.

2) Golden Tee Unplugged
golden tee unplugged 48 487Yh 5784
If the weather is refraining you from teeing off some shots then usher in the new indoor game console, the Golden Tee Unplugged 2008, from Fun company which will let you have a lot of fun. The Golden Tee is a game console, which looks more like a Vegan slot machine, with a fairly big 26-inch widescreen LCD monitor. The LCD monitor, of course displays a number of golf courses, out of which you can choose one to tee off. Once you are done choosing a course, you are all set to Golf with the easy to use, controller keys which come attached to the console. For those who don’t have enough space to house a golf simulator, this is the ultimate choice or $4,500.

3) Nokia N93 Golf Edition for golfers
n93golf LpQum 5784
Nokia had launched the N93 Golf Edition phone. This phone was fitted with multimedia features to improve your golf game. It can record golf swings and analyze the swing. Just plug the phone into a computer loaded up with Nokia’s Pro Session Golf and learn all about how wrong your swing is. The camera on this phone boasts a 3.2 megapixel sensor, so quality is not a concern. Though this system doesn’t promise to coach you to be the next Tiger, it may help you improve your shots for sure.

4) Puma Golf’s Concorde Gold shoes
concorde gold shoes 48 IGFgR 5784
Looking to buy a new pair of Golf shoes or want a nice pair to gift to your fellow golfer? Look no further than the Concorde Gold shoes from Puma Golf. The Concorde Gold are realized with the same technology in carbon fiber for the scarpini from soccer Puma while the sole in TPU allows for a advanced adaptation to the various types of land, be it be dry or wet grass. The new full-grain leather waterproof and breathable pair is dedicated to more experienced golfers. The Concorde Gold shoes from Puma Golf come for 200 Euros.

5) SensoGlove to improve on golf skills
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Coming hot on the heels of the astonishing Glove Phone, the SensoGlove is yet another glove-based gizmo that claims to improve your life by a whole lot. Created by SensoSolutions, the world’s first computerized golf glove comes with a built-in computer that continually reads the user’s grip pressure and with precious feedback, allows golfers to improve every aspect of their game. Crafted out of patented leather, the SensoGlove’s computer is a small, lightweight, sweat-proof monitor that analyzes pressure settings from four tiny, strategically placed sensors sewn right into the glove, that lets users see for themselves which fingers are gripping too tight. For $119, the SensoGlove is a real miracle worker, and can prove to be a real boon if you wanna improve your handicap.

Phew! It was tough on me to shortlist the gears as there are ample of them on Bornrich. Anyway, you just be sure to keep your eye on the ball and not on the mounting credit card bill. Cause, they don’t say, ‘Golf is a rich man’s play,’ for nothing!!

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