Top 15 Most Expensive Insurance Claims
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Top 15 Most Expensive Insurance Claims

13.Prototype Testing

While this insurance claim might be exceeded in costs by many natural tragedies, it is worth noting it as the single highest car insurance claim in history. In the year 2007, engineers crashed 2 Bugatti Veyron cars during a prototype testing. The details and the costs have all been shrouded in a mysterious cloud but both of the cars were valued at about $800,000, the insurance claims undoubtedly made this the most expensive or highest recorded vehicle loss ever.

12.Slip and Fall

A slip n’ fall on the ice is one unfortunate yet regular experience for many people during winter months, however for a certain claimant in Virginia, this type of fall was quite serious. In the year 2012, the claimant or rather the victim in question broke many of his leg bones when he was leaving the apartment and happened to slip on the ice that was on the driveway. The victim later developed some serious complications which stemmed from the injuries which were sustained from the slip and fall incident and these complications risked him getting his lower legs amputated. The treatment had further complications since the victim was also diabetic. The claim was settled for a huge sum because it was said that the landlord or property owner did not remove any of the fallen snow from the driveway or even treat the places which had ice with sand or salt, as is required by the law. The victim got a compensation of $7.75 Million. The $7.75 million settlement is certainly a warning to all careless landlords especially in the winter season.

11.Car Accident

In the year 2012 there was a lawsuit in London (United Kingdom) which was settled for £23 million (which is approximately, over $37 million), for Agnes Collier,  a 17yr old student who got severely paralyzed as a result of a head on collision with a car, that also lead to the death of her mother. Agnes received a sum of about $11.5 million plus a yearly payment to cover the medical costs. The $37 million is an estimated amount which Agnes will have received throughout her lifetime. Despite the tragic accident, Agnes appears to have made great progress in her life, and she has had some motor functions return to her hands. She hopes to further her studies at either Cambridge or Oxford.

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